23rd May 1959

Railway Enthusiasts' Club
Tour of the Former East Kent Light Railway

Loco Used 31258
Stock Used advertised to be two ~1923 coaches plus a 4-wheeled brake van

Route : at least SPL77

Loco Route
31258 Shepherds Well (East Kent Station) - Eythorne - Tilmanstone
31258 Tilmanstone - Eythorne - Shepherds Well (connection to S.R.)
31258 Shepherds Well (connection to S.R.) - Kearsney - Deal Jn - Kearnsey Loop Jn - Martin Mill - Deal - Deal Betteshanger S.B.
31258 Deal Betteshanger S.B. - Betteshanger Colliery
31258 Betteshanger Colliery - Deal Betteshanger S.B. - Sandwich - Minster
31258 Minster - Richborough S.B. - Richborough Port Sidings
31258 Richborough Sidings - Richborough S.B.
31258 Richborough S.B. - Sandwich - Deal - Kearsney Loop Jn - Deal Jn - Kearsney

Notes :
(1) The timing sheet for this tour carried the following instruction for cyclists; Please note, you can leave the train at Tilmanstone Colliery at 1.30pm, cycle to Betteshanger Colliery to photograph the N.C.B. locomotives, and rejoin the special train at Deal at 3.16pm...OR...you can leave the special train at Martin Mill at 4.35pm and cycle to Dover shed, via the course of the Martin Mill line.
(2) The timing sheet for this tour detailed arrangements for a visit to Dover M.P.D as follows; Party assembles in Booking Hall of Dover Priory station at 5.5pm (on arrival of 5.4pm train which is the 4.58pm off Kearnsey).
(3) 31258 photographed at Minster carrying headcode SPL77 - was this used throughout? It is assumed the use of a freight wagon in the consist (see photo below) was to convey participants bicycles.

Sources : John Clifford, John Debens, Steve Armitage & Brian Read/Edwin Wilmshurst

Photo Review

32158 at Minster (photo: The Jim Porter Collection)

From Andrew Fairholms ticket collection.

Timings (Booked Only)
Brian Read/Edwin Wilmshurst)

Location Booked
Sheperdswell (E.K.L.R. Terminus) 13.05d
Eythorne 13.12a ~ 13.22d
Tilmanstone Colliery Yard, N.C.B. 13.30a ~ 13.40d
Eythorne 13/47
Sheperdswell (connection to S.R.) 13.55a ~ 14.10d
Kearnsey 14/16
Deal Jn 14/19
Kearnsey Loop Jn 14/21
Martin Mill 14.30a ~ 14.40d
Deal 14.50a ~ 15.16d
Betteshanger Colliery Sidings ??.??a ~ ??.??d
Sandwich 15/31
Minster 15.40a ~ 16.05d
(site of) Richborough Port Sidings ??.??a ~ ??.??d
Sandwich 16/19
Deal 16/26
Martin Mill 16.35a ~ 16.41d
Kearnsey Loop Jn 16/50
Deal Jn 16/52
Kearnsey (Bay Platform) 16.56a

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