11th April 1959

Railway Enthusiasts' Club
The Devon Rambler

DMU Used 3-car set including 51062

Route :

DMU Route
as listed Exeter St Davids - Cowley Bridge Jn - Crediton - Coleford Jn - Okehampton - meldon Jn - Lydford - Tavistock South - Horrabridge - Yelverton - Marsh Mills - Tavistock Jn - Laira Jn - Mount Gould Jn - Friary Jn - Plymouth Friary approach
as listed Plymouth Friary approach - Friary Jn - Cattewater Jn - Plymstock - Yealmpton
as listed Yealmpton - Plymstock
as listed Plymstock - Oreston - Turnchapel - Turnchapel Tunnel (2)
as listed Turnchapel Tunnel - Turnchapel - Oreston - Plymstock - Cattewater Jn - Friary Jn - Plymouth Friary approach
as listed Plymouth Friary approach - Friary Jn - Mount Gould Jn - Lipson Jn - Plymouth North Road - North Road Jn - Devonport Jn - Devonport King's Road - St Budeaux Victoria Road
as listed St Budeaux Victoria Road - St Budeaux Ferry Road - Devonport Jn - Cornwall Jn - Plymouth Millbay
as listed Plymouth Millbay - Cornwall Jn - North Road Jn - Plymouth North Road - Totnes - Newton Abbot - Dawlish - Exeter St Davids

Notes :
(1) Route confirmation required - above is from booked timings. Photo stops made at Yealmpton, Plymstock and Turnchapel Admiralty Yard. The tour itinerary carried the following comments;
'The use of a cross-country diesel set on this tour has brought forth a spate of correspondence commenting on our choice of motive power and stock - some critical (often very so) but many more complimentary'.
'By the way, IF British Railways have failed to put the first class at the front leading out of Exeter, please don't ask the organisers to turn the train round! We did our best'.
'For those who pine for steam, a glance at the future programme of the club will prove that "puffers" are not forgotten'.
(2) The route description in the itinerary commented; '...proceeding straight into the tunnel beyond Turnchapel station to a point two chains beyond the tunnel mouth, which marks the boundary of the Admiralty Boom Defence Depot. The Admiralty were quite prepared to let us proceed right down their line to the ferry - and we are greatly indebted to the Admiral Superintendent for having given us this permission - but unfortunately the train just won't "fit", clearances not being sufficient, and our tail end is going to be left in the tunnel at Turnchapel when we come to a stand'.

Sources : Chris Harley, Howard Cook & Brian Read/Edwin Wilmshurst

Photo Review

From The John Debens Ticket Collection.

Timings (Booked Only)
Brian Read/Edwin Wilmshurst)

M.C Location Booked
0.00 Exeter St Davids 13.00d
1.23 Cowley Bridge Jn 13/03
11.42 Coleford Jn 13/20
24.79 Okehampton 13.45a ~ 13.50d
27.51 Meldon Jn 13/58
34.72 Lydford 14.10a ~ 14.18d
41.44 Tavistock South 14/30
? Horrabridge 14/39
46.78 Yelverton 14.43a ~ 14.46d
? Bickleigh 14/53
54.17 Marsh Mills 15.00a ~ 15.03d
55.35 Tavistock Jn 15/04
56.27 Laira Jn 15/08
56.68 Mount Gould Jn 15/11
57.78 Plymouth Friary approach 15.15a ~ 15.20d
59.38 Plymstock 15/25
[62.71] Billacombe 15.28a ~ 15.33d
[63.71] Elburton Cross 15.36a ~ 15.41d
[64.46] Brixton Road 15.45a ~ 15.50d
[65.79] Steer Point 15.54a ~ 15.59d
[68.27] Yealmpton 16.05a ~ 16.15d
[74.60] Plymstock 16.35a ~ 16.45d
[59.79] Oreston 16.48a ~ 16.53d
[60.54] Turnchapel 16/56
? Turnchapel Tunnel 16.58a ~ 17.08d
? Turnchapel 17.10a ~ 17.15d
[61.74] Plymstock 17/21
76.24 Plymouth Friary approach 17.28a ~ 17.35d
77.71 Lipson Jn 17/40
79.33 Plymouth North Road 17.45a ~ 17.52d
79.77 Devonport Jn 17/54
80.49 Devonport King's Road S.R. 17/55
? St Budeaux Victoria Road 18.??a ~ 18.10d
83.09 St Budeaux -
? St Budeaux Ferry Road 18/12
85.74 Devonport Jn 18/18
86.64 Plymouth Millbay 18.23a ~ 18.33d
87.51 Plymouth North Road 18.38a ~ 18.45d
89.12 Lipson Jn 18/49
94.27 Hemerdon 19/00
103.73 Brent 19/13
110.62 Totnes 19/23
? Aller Jn 19/36
119.41 Newton Abbot 19/38
139.55 Exeter St Davids 20.07a

Note regarding mileage at Plymouth Friary;
'Mileages are given to Plymouth Friary station; in actual fact the train will reverse on both occasions in the approach lines to Friary and not in the station itself. Distance should therefore, for full accuracy, be reduced by about 20ch on each occasion'.
'The mileage chart has been compiled showing the Turnchapel branch as being traversed first. This is incorrect, and any intermediate adjustments should therefore be taken into consideration, though the rear end mileages are correct of course'.
[Webmaster note: I have shown the listed mileages for the Turnchapel and Yealmpton branches in brackets to reflect the above comment]

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