11th April 1959

? British Railways?
? (Football Special) ?

Loco(s) Used at least 46211 'Queen Maud'
Stock Used 19 coaches

Route :

Loco(s) Route
46211 ??? - Crewe - ?Wembley Central?
46211? ?Wembley Central? - ???

Notes :
(1) Bob Merrill has provided the following narrative in regards to this (likely) Football Special: We were at Crewe station on Saturday 11th April 1959; on that day England were playing Scotland at Wembley (internet research shows the kick off was 1500hrs and the final score was 1:0 to England). At around noon on that day with the southbound flyer line through Crewe we saw a sight I have never since before or since. A Princess Royal Stanier Pacific No. 46211 'Queen Maud' approached down the straight from the North as it thundered through on the flyer line, we both observed she was pulling 19 coaches. Although the years have passed the memory is still of a loco pulling 19 coaches at speed. I would like to request if you or anyone else who has additional information on the sighting that day would be able to help as I have never been able to prove what I (and my mate) saw. Could your records or contacts verify that moment in time?

Source : Bob Merrill

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