21st September 1958

A.M.R. East Midlands Locospotters
Creweorton Flyer

DMU Used 3x 3-car sets

Route :

DMU Route
as listed Leicester London Road - (via MML) - Trent Jn - Trent East Jn - Beeston - Nottingham Midland
as listed Nottingham Midland - Beeston - Trent East Jn - Sheet Stores Jn - Spondon - Derby
as listed Derby - Stenson Jn - North Stafford Jn - Uttoxeter - Stoke-on-Trent - Kidsgrove Central - Crewe - Crewe Works Yard
as listed Crewe Works Yard - Crewe
as listed Crewe - Sandbach - Middlewich - Norhwich - Knutsford - Altrincham - Deansgate - Oxford Road - Manchester Piccadilly - Ardwick - Ashburys - Gorton & Openshaw
as listed Gorton & Openshaw - Fairfield - Guide Bridge - Hyde Central - Romiley - Marple - New Mills Central - Chinley - Chinley South Jn - Peak Forest - Millers Dale Jn - Monsal Dale - Rowlsey - Matlock - Ambergate - Derby - (reverse of outward route) - Notttingham Midland
as listed Notttingham Midland(reverse of outward route) - Leicester London Road

Notes :
(1) A.M.R. stood for 'Attenborough Model Railway'. Roger Johnson comments: Yes, the train really was called 'Creweorton Flyer'!! with headboard. The owner of Attenborough Model Railways, a Mr. J.H.Gibbons, had a somewhat quirky way of naming his special trains! At Gorton & Openshaw station the passengers detrained and walked the short distance to the works. The loco shed adjacent to the works was also visited, though probably not officially.

Sources : Eric Miller (joined/left the train at Nottingham), Roger Johnson (on
the tour throughout)  & Vic Smith (joined/left the train at Loughborough)

Photo Review

Vic Smith & his fathers tickets.

From The John Debens Ticket Collection.

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