17th May 1958

Branch Line Society
Derwent Valley Light Railway

Loco Used 65064
Stock Used advertised to be two BR coaches

Route :

Loco Route
65064 (?York -?) York Layerthorpe - Elvington - Cliff Common
65064 Cliff Common - Elvington - York Layerthorpe (?- York?)

Notes :
(1) 65064 was photographed at Layerthorpe, Thorganby and Cliff Common, outwards tender-first, return chimney leading. It would appear 65064 was the sole traction, however confirmation of this is required. The return journey from Cliff Common to York (?BR station or Layerthorpe?) was advertised to be non-stop. On the outward leg it was stated that the train would call at most intermediate stops for 'photographic and inspection purposes'.
(2) Confirmation is required if the train operated either way between York (BR) station and York Layerthorpe - it was advertised to do so but neither the tour itinerary nor ticket suggests it actually did. Howard Cook offers: Photographs provide evidence of participants wandering around and photographing empty stock at Layerthorpe and infrastructure at both ends of tour suggesting excursion started and finished at York Layerthorpe.

Sources : John Debens, Andrew Fairholm, Gas Hill (BLS) & John Debens

Photo Review

65064 departs Cliff Common for York (photo: The John Debens Collection)

From The John Debens Ticket Collection.

Timings (Booked Only)
(from John Debens)

Miles Location Booked [Advertised] (out) Booked [Advertised] (rtn)
- York [14.30d] [17.22a]
0 York Layerthorpe ??.??a ~ 15.00d ??/?? or ??.??a
4 Dunnington & Kexby 15.13a ~ 15.21d ??/??
6 Elvington 15.30a ~ 15.36d ??/??
9 Wheldrake 15.44a ~ 15.50d ??/??
11 Thorganby 15.59a ~ 16.05d ??/??
12 Skipwith & North Duffield 16.13a ~ 16.19d ??/??
15 Cliffe Common 16.29a 16.45d

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