10th April 1958
(also ran on ?11th / 12th / 14th? April 1958)

Ian Allan Locospotters Club
(Locospotters' Excursion to Swindon Works and Eastleigh Works)

Originally advertised to run on 16/04/1958 but moved to 10th April for reason(s) unknown but appears to have swapped with the tour to Ashford and RH&DR which was originally advertised for 10th April, but in the event ran on 16th April.

Locos Used 3440 'City of Truro', 5369 & 6313

Route :

Loco(s) Route
?3440+6313? London Paddington - Reading - Swindon Rodbourne Lane
3440+6313 Swindon Rodbourne Lane - Rushley Platt - Andover Junction - Romsey - Southampton Central - Eastleigh
5369 on 14/04? Eastleigh - Eastleigh Works Siding
?5369? on 14/04? Eastleigh Works Siding - Eastleigh
?3440+6313? Eastleigh - Basingstoke - Reading - London Paddington

Notes :
(1) Route confirmation required (included over the MSWJR from Swindon to Eastleigh). For visits to Swindon & Eastleigh works. It is unclear as to exactly which date(s) this tour, or tours, ran in addition to April 10th; One ticket below suggests a run on the 11th was scheduled and other sources suggest 12th April as another running date and Bill Armstrong travelled on a train hauled by 3440 & 6313 but dated 14th April in his records. On 10th April 3440+6313 worked the train between Swindon and Eastleigh though they were advertised to work throughout.
(2) Bill Armstrong offers: I've just found an old 1958 diary of mine and of course, it mentions this tour, on which I was a participant. I regret to say that it doesn't shed any light on the date(s) but only adds to the confusion, since my entry is for Monday, the 14th of April! It confirms that the motive power throughout was 3440 (pilot) and 6313 (in accordance with GWR practice) except that when the train reversed at Eastleigh, it was taken into the works yard by 5369. The use of a GW engine here would, of course, have saved the need to 'pull the strings' on the carriages. The route taken to Eastleigh was via the old MSWJR. Sorry to only have added to the confusion but no doubt the original train was over-subscribed, like most of IA's April bashes.
(3) David taylor adds: Route from Swindon to Eastleigh, MSWJR as Bill Armstrong has said, I recall the station names Horsebridge and Mottisfont, unusual names and new to me then. Before Romsey we waited for a T9 plus train coming in from our right, that must have been Kimbridge Junction with the SW Main line. Route to Easteigh via. Soton docks and Soton City Stn as we passed Redbridge Sleeper Depot (Then home of the tiny C14s). We were a party of 4 school friends. On return to Paddington, we prevailed on 3440’s driver to give us a cab ride from the buffers back down to the end of the platform. Great end to the day, and those were the dayswhen we could do that.

Sources : John Clifford, Mike Barnsley, Brian Halford, John Debens, Andrew Fairholm,
Bill Armstrong, John Basinger & David Taylor

Photo Review

...somewhere just before entering Swindon Works (photo: David Taylor)

Eastleigh; un-rebuilt Bulleid BB 34085 (photo: David Taylor)

Eastleigh; rebuilt Bulleid BB 34016 (photo: David Taylor)

From The John Debens Ticket Collection.

Timings (Advertised Only)
(from John Debens)

Location Advertised (out) Advertised (rtn)
Paddington 09.35d 19.58a
Reading ??.??a ~ 10.15d 18.59a ~ ??.??d
Swindon Works 11.16a ~ ??.??d -
Eastleigh Works ??.??a ??.??d

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