11th May 1957

?The Locomotive Club of Great Britain?
(Harpenden and Hemel Hempstead Branch Rail Tour

Loco Used 43245
Stock Used three BR Mark 1  Metro Gauge Suburbans, part of a Moorgate set

Route : Reporting Code M790 throughout

Loco Route
43245 Harpenden Central - Harpenden Jn - Redbourne - Hemel Hempstead - Heath Park Halt
43245 Heath Park Halt - (reverse of outward route) - Harpenden Central

Notes :
(1) Confirmed by photographic evidence as having visited all points given on the ticket, hauled by 43245. The stock and 43245 worked light to/from St Albans.
(2) Although listed as having been run by the LCGB, this tour does not appear in their book 'The First Hundred - Rail Tours 1953-1967' suggesting it was not in fact an LCGB-organised trip.

Sources : John Debens, Nick Catford, Andrew Fairholm, Chris Horne & David Ford

Photo Review

43245 at Hemel Hempstead (photo: Alan Willmott; courtesy of Nick Catford)

43245 at Redbourn (photo: Nigel Lester; courtesy of Nick Catford)

From The John Debens Ticket Collection.

Timings (Booked Only)
(from David Ford)

M.C Location Booked (out) Booked (rtn) M.C
0.00 Harpenden Central 14.30d 16.38a 17.32
3.29 Redbourn 14.43a ~ 14.55d 16.23a ~ 16.24d 14.03
7.67 Hemel Hempstead 15.10a ~ 15.22d 15.55a ~ 16.02d 9.45
8.56 Heath Park Halt 15.27a 15.47d 8.56

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