11th September 1955

Alan Pegler
Farnborough Flyer

Locos Used 31806, 32329 'Stephenson', 60133 'Pommern', 62666 'Zeebrugge' & 62667 'Somme'
Stock Used 14 coaches (1)

Route :

Loco(s) Route
60133 Leeds - Doncaster
62666+62667 Doncaster - (via ECML) - Tuxford (Dukeries Jn) - (via LD&RC) - Clipstone - Mansfield - Kirkby South Jn - (via GCML) - Woodford halse - Banbury - Oxford - Basingstoke
31806-32329 Basingstoke - Farnborough (3)
31806-32329 Farnborough - Basingstoke
62666+62667 Basingstoke - (reverse of outward route) - Doncaster
60133 Doncaster - (reverse of outward route) - Leeds

Notes :
(1) Train was organised to take passengers to the last day of the S.B.A.C. air display at Farnborough.
(2) Stock used described as 'composite sleeping car at the front end and at the other one of the beaver-tail observation cars'. 'In between were the eight "day cars" of tourist open stock, two kitchen cars, a buffet car, and one of the two long-bar lounge cars of the Eastern Region'. The observation car was removed by a diesel-electric shunter at Basingstoke.
(3) After Farnborough it is reported 'after depositing its passengers, the train continued to Woking, and in the course of turning end for end, visited Ascot and Virginia Water'. It is unclear if this was simply an E.C.S. move, or was available to anyone choosing not to visit the Air Show.

Source : Tony Saville (from contemporary report)

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