13th August 1954

R.C.T.S. (East Midlands Branch)
Shipley Rail Tour (Cecil Rakes Special)

Loco Used NCB 42 'Cecil Rakes' (Beyer-Peacock 2605-1885)

Route :

Loco Route
42 Coppice Colliery - Woodside Colliery Sidings - Nutbrook Sidings

Notes :
(1) Route confirmation required - above is from the tour itinerary. This tour, unusually run on a Friday, was to celebrate almost 50 years of service of NCB 42 'Cecil Rakes', a loco which was about to be retired from service.

Source : John Debens

Photo Review

42 'Cecil Rakes' at an unidentified location (possibly Coppice Colliery?)
(photo: The John Debens Collection)

42 'Cecil Rakes' at Nutbrook Sidings on a train of COVHOP wagons
(photo: Don Boyden/The John Debens Collection)

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