8th May 1954

Railway Enthusiasts Club
Southampton Docks Tour

Locos Used 30096 & 30577
Stock Used 6 coaches

Route :

Loco Route
30577 Farnborough [WD Platform] - Basingstoke - Winchester - Eastleigh - Southampton East Docks
30096 ?Southampton East Docks - Southampton West Docks - Eastleigh?
?30577? Eastleigh - Winchester - Basingstoke - Farnborough

Notes :
(1) David Manders comments: This was my first railtour and ran with 0395 class 30577 from Farnborough WD platform (the line closest to the main running lines on the down side), called to pick up at Bramshot Halt, and then to So'ton East Docks. I do remember some street running, presumably over the linking tramway between the East and West Docks, but cannot recall if we had a B4 or a USA tank for this section, or if 30577 was used for the later return to Farnborough. Extracts from my Dad's Diary for the day:
'(1240)...the special Railway Enthusiasts' Club train was in military siding. 0-6-0 Engine built 1883 affectionately called a 'Jumbo'. David & I got in 1st class & much enjoyed the run to S'hampton docks. Saw liners (3 'Castles' & 'Samaria') & went inside Dock area..... Got back 17.50 nearly hour late due to our docks engine running out of steam outside Eastleigh & 'Jumbo' finding the long grade out of Winchester a bit much with 6 coaches'.
(2) 30096 originally uploaded as 30069 in error.

From The John Debens Ticket Collection.

Sources : David Manders & Andrew Fairholm

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