17th October 1953

R.C.T.S. (Lancashire Branch)
Warrington & District Railtour

Loco Used 67436
Stock Used 5156E+5487E

Route : W512 reporting code

Loco Route
67436 Warrington Bank Quay - Weaver Jn - Acton Bridge - Hartford - Winsford Jn - Over & Wharton
67436 Over & Wharton - Winsford Jn - Acton Bridge
67436 Acton Bridge - Hartford - Hartford Jn - Hartford Jn CLC
67436 Hartford Jn CLC - Cuddington - Winsford Jn - (A) - Whitegate - Winsford & Over
67436 Winsford & Over - Whitegate - Winsford Jn ( - ???) (A)
67436 (??? - ) Winsford Jn - Delamere - Mouldsworth - West Cheshire Jn
67436 West Cheshire Jn - Helsby - Frodsham Jn - Acton Grange Jn - Warrington Bank Quay

Notes :
(1) Route confirmation required - extrapolated from routing given on tour ticket. Peter Darke has photos in his collection showing 67436 reported to be at Over & Winsford (or should this read 'Winsford & Over' as the CLC station was named, the LNW station being 'Over & Wharton'?). Jeremy English also confirms he has seen film evidence (taken by Cam Camwell) of the train at Winsford & Over and this is further supported by Andrew Fairholm and Bob Mitchell (see photo below). It would appear most likely the train visited Winsford & Over en-route between Cuddington & Mouldsworth as indicated between the (A)'s above, though not specifically mentioned on the routing on the ticket.

Sources : David Davis, Peter Darke, Jeremy English, Andrew Fairholm, Bob Mitchell & Louis Heath

Photo Review

67436 propelling the two push-pull fitted ex-GCR coaches at Whitegate on
 the Winsford & Over branch (photo: the Bob Mitchell collection)

The tour, at Winsford & Over (photo: Bob Gellatly/GCRS Collection)

From The John Debens Ticket Collection

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