23rd August 1936

National Historical Railway Society
(Off The Beaten Track Excursion)

Loco(s) Used at least: PRR G5a no. 5726
Stock Used 7 coaches (including a dining car) (1)

Route :

Loco(s) Route
????? ??? - ???

Notes :
(1) Two additional coaches were added at Harrisburg to reduce overcrowding.
(2) Route & loco confirmation required - photographed in the Welsh mountains of southeastern Pennsylvania and Glen Moore on the New Holland branch, the train of over 500 passengers traversed mostly freight track on this trip. Operated over the Pennsylvania Railroad system, USA. This was the second charter of the type to run.

A further 12 trips were scheduled up to 25th October 1936 - details of these are also required. By the end of 1936 a total of 3,999 passengers had been carried on this series of tours.

Source : Gary Thornton (from contemporary sources)

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