16th May 1862

Darlington Pease's Woollen Mill
Staff Excursion(s)

Loco(s) Used S&D ?????
Stock Used S&D stock

Route :

Loco(s) Route
????? Darlington - Redcar and/or Saltburn
????? Redcar and/or Saltburn - Darlington

Notes :
(1) The likely route was Darlington North Road - Fighting Cocks - Eaglescliffe - Middlesbrough - Redcar and/or Saltburn.

On 15th May 1862, Sir Henry Pease, the Quaker owner of Peases Woollen Mill in Darlington married his cousin Elizabeth Pease Pease (not a typo). To celebrate the event, the following day all 700 staff were conveyed by excursion trains to Redcar or Saltburn; the local press cannot establish which resort. By the amount of staff conveyed, there was a likelihood that two or even three trains were required in those days, so both places may have been destinations to spread the staff around.

Source : Mark Harrington (from contemporary sources)

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