4th August 1860

Eastern Counties Railway
(Troop Trains)

Loco(s) Used ?????
Stock Used ?????

Route :

Loco(s) Route
????? 12.40d London (?Bishopsgate Terminal?) - Hylands
????? 21.00d Chelmsford - (?reverse of outward route?) - London (?Bishopsgate Terminal?)

Route :

Loco(s) Route
????? 13.00d Colchester - Hylands
????? 20.30d Chelmsford - (?reverse of outward route?) - Colchester

Notes :
(1) Route & loco confirmation required. Run in conjunction with "A Grand Review of Yeomanry Cavalry and Volunteer Rifle Corps" and sham fight at Hylands Park, near Chelmsford. These trains were available for troops only (for the train from London it was at the rate of 2s 6d for covered carriages and 5s for first class).

Source : Chris Harley (from contemporary sources)

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