7th October 2017

Steamrail Victoria
Farewell Broadway Broad Gauge

Locos Used N472, T356 & steam: A2 986
Stock Used load 12 coaches & water tanker

???? : Melbourne to Maryborough
8199 : Maryborough to Wycheproof
8196 : Wycheproof to Maryborough
8198 : Maryborough to Melbourne

Loco(s) Route
N472 + T356 Melbourne Southern Cross - Ballarat - Maryborough
N472 + T356 + A2 986 Maryborough - Wycheproof
A2 986 (1) Wycheproof - (reverse of outward route) - Melbourne Southern Cross

(1) T356 & N472 on rear
(2) This tour was advertised as being the 'Last Broad Gauge Steam & Diesel hauled passenger train to Wycheproof', Victoria, Australia. The line runs down the middle of the street in Wycheproof, and is known as the Broadway. The route is due to be converted to Standard Gauge in 2018.

Source : Nick Bartlett

Timings (Advertised Only)
(from SRV website)

Location Advertised (out)   Advertised (rtn)
Melbourne Southern Cross 05.52d   22.14a
Ballarat 07.47a ~ 08.10d   19.15a ~ 19.50d
Maryborough 09.20d ~ 09.50d   18.07a ~ 18.25d
Wycherproof Broadway 13.30a   15.10d

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