26th August 2017

Railway Touring Company
The West Somerset Steam Express

Tour cancelled, due to unavailable steam loco.

Route : 
1Z50 : London Paddington to Minehead
1Z51 : Minehead to London Paddington

Advertised Loco(s) Advertised Route
steam: 6023 'King Edward II' or 6201 'Princess Elizabeth' or 34046 'Braunton' London Paddington - Southall - Slough - Maidenhead - Reading - Southcote Jn - Newbury - Heywood Road Jn - Westbury - Fairwood Jn - Clink Road Jn - Frome - Blatchbridge Jn - Castle Cary - Cogload Jn - Taunton - Norton Fitzwarren - Bishops Lydeard
steam: West Somerset Railway loco Bishops Lydeard - Crowcombe Heathfield - Williton - Blue Anchor - Minehead
steam: West Somerset Railway loco Minehead - (reverse of outward route) - Bishops Lydeard
steam: 6023 'King Edward II' or 6201 'Princess Elizabeth' or 34046 'Braunton' Bishops Lydeard - (reverse of outward route) - Blatchbridge Jn - Clink Road Jn - Fairwood Jn - Heywood Road Jn - (reverse of outward route) - London Paddington

Notes : 
(1) This tour was replaced by 'The Cotswold Venturer' on the same date.

Source : Nick Bartlett

Timings (Advertised Only)
(from RTC brochure)

Location Advertised (out) Advertised (rtn)
London Paddington 08.05d 23.20a
Slough 08.40d 22.35a
Reading 09.15d 22.10a
Newbury 10.05d 21.40a
Bishops Lydeard 13.00a 19.05d
Minehead 14.40a 17.15d

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