8th May 2015

Steam Dreams
V.E. Day / White Cliffs Evening Tour

Tour cancelled, due to reason(s) unknown.

Route :

Advertised Loco(s) Advertised Route
steam: 70013 'Oliver Cromwell'  London Victoria - Bromley South - Bat & Ball - Tonbridge - ??? (1) - Tonbridge - (reverse of outward route) - London Victoria

Notes : 
(1) Advertised to do a circular tour of Kent via the White Cliffs of Dover. 
(2) The Steam Dreams brochure shows the advertised loco as 70013 'Oliver Cromwell', however the morning V.E. Day train showed 70000 'Britannia'.

Source : Nick Bartlett

Timings (Advertised Only)
(from Steam Dreams brochure)

Location Advertised (out) Advertised (rtn)
London Victoria 17.45d 23.00a
Bromley South 18.15d 22.30a
Bat & Ball 18.40d 22.05a
Tonbridge 19.00d 21.50a

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