4th November 2012

Great Western Society / First Great Western
The Looe Valley Line by Steam Railmotor

Tours postponed to 18/11/12, due to failure of the assisting Diesel loco at Westbury.

Route :  (five round trips scheduled)

Advertised Unit  Advertised Route
G.W.R. Steam Railmotor 93 Liskeard - Looe - Liskeard

Notes :
(1) On Winter Sundays the Looe branch has no timetabled service, so it was possible to issue a special dispensation to run No. 93 on the self-contained line without the use of A.W.S. or T.P.W.S. as the vehicle is not fitted with either type of apparatus. Passengers were only able to join and leave the Railmotor at Liskeard station, no alighting at Coombe or Looe was permitted.
(2) The tours for this weekend were postponed to 18/11/12, due to the failure of 47245 at Westbury, while en route from Southall to Bodmin Parkway.

Source : Guy Vincent

Timings (Booked Only)
(from Guy Vincent)

Location 2Z20   2Z25
Booked (out)   Booked (rtn)
Liskeard 08.30d [P3]   10.10a [P3]
Coombe 08.38a ~ 08.51d   09.46a ~ 09.59d
Coombe Jn GF 08.52a ~ 08.55d   09.42a ~ 09.45d
Looe 09.15a   09.20d


Location 2Z30   2Z35
Booked (out)   Booked (rtn)
Liskeard 10.30d [P3]   12.10a [P3]
Coombe 10.38a ~ 10.51d   11.46a ~ 11.59d
Coombe Jn GF 10.52a ~ 10.55d   11.42a ~ 11.45d
Looe 11.15a   11.20d


Location 2Z40   2Z45
Booked (out)   Booked (rtn)
Liskeard 12.30d [P3]   14.10a [P3]
Coombe 12.38a ~ 12.51d   13.46a ~ 13.59d
Coombe Jn GF 12.52a ~ 12.55d   13.42a ~ 13.45d
Looe 13.15a   13.20d


Location 2Z50   2Z55
Booked (out)   Booked (rtn)
Liskeard 14.30d [P3]   16.10a [P3]
Coombe 14.38a ~ 14.51d   15.46a ~ 15.59d
Coombe Jn GF 14.52a ~ 14.55d   15.42a ~ 15.45d
Looe 15.15a   15.20d


Location 2Z60   2Z65
Booked (out)   Booked (rtn)
Liskeard 16.30d [P3]   18.10a [P3]
Coombe 16.38a ~ 16.51d   17.46a ~ 17.59d
Coombe Jn GF 16.52a ~ 16.55d   17.42a ~ 17.45d
Looe 17.15a   17.20d

Associated E.C.S. Workings

03/11/12 : 5Z20 : (47245 with 93) : Bodmin Parkway to Liskeard
Cancelled due to failure of 47245 at Westbury.

Location Booked
Bodmin Parkway 19.30d
Largin 19/46
St Pinnock 19/48
Liskeard 20.04a

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