22nd September 2012

UK Railtours
Scarborough or Castle Howard

Tour cancelled due to ASLEF / DBS industrial dispute.

Route :

Advertised Loco Advertised Route
Class 67 Finsbury Park - Cuffley - Hertford North - Stevenage - Hitchin - (via ECML) - York - Malton - Scarborough
Class 67 Scarborough - (reverse of outward route?) - Finsbury Park

Source : David Lodwick

Timings (Advertised only)
(from Nick Bartlett)

Location Advertised (out)   Advertised (rtn)
Finsbury Park 08.00d   21.35a
Cuffley 08.25d   21.10a
Hertford North 08.35d   21.00a
Stevenage 08.55d   20.40a
Hitchin 09.05d   20.30a
Malton ?a   ?a
Scarborough ?a   ?d

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