30th October 2010

UK Railtours
The Holy Island of Lindisfarne / Bamburgh Castle

Locos Used 67023 & 90019
Stock Used 5292+1813+3098+3066+1683+3097+3069+3068+1691+3120+3149+17015

Route :
1Z80 : Kings Cross to Berwick-upon-Tweed
1Z81 : Berwick-upon-Tweed to Kings Cross

Loco(s) Route
90019 (1) London Kings Cross - (via ECML) - Holgate Jn - York Yard South - Skelton Jn - (via ECML) - Berwick-upon-Tweed
90019 (1) Berwick-upon-Tweed - Tweedmouth Sidings
90019 Tweedmouth Sidings - (via ECML) - Doncaster

Notes :
(1) 67023 on rear.
(2) Dave Boddy comments: The return should have departed 17.05, but because of two incidents left at 20.20. 2nd incident was that the class 67 on the back had had its hand brake left on, and the train was stopped by line side detection system at Dunbar (the train was serviced Craingentinny during the passengers break at Berwick). The train was allowed to depart at low speed to Berwick arriving about 20.10. Meanwhile another class 67 was dispatched from Newcastle which arrived shortly before the arrival of the tour train. Train then stopped just after leaving Berwick in the loop to allow the 67 from Newcastle to take off the defective 67. Train eventually left at 20.50 just with 90 on the front. We were then told that due to late running that train would terminate at Doncaster due to planned engineering work to the south. We had a fast run to Doncaster, arriving just after 11pm, where train was cancelled with onward coach transport. I was travelling home to Peterborough where the road coach arrived at just after 1 in the morning. Robert Frise adds: Our Stevenage coach arrived at Stevenage railway station at 01:50 - I heard that there were in fact three separate incidents. Firstly a SPAD, secondly running 90019 out from under the wires in Craigentinny depot, and finally the hand brake being left on, on 67023. 67020 was noted arriving from Newcastle. We were all kept amused by the quips from the station announcer.

Sources : various including Gordon Lacy, Dave Boddy & Robert Frise

Timings (Advertised Only)
(from Nick Bartlett)

Location Advertised (out) [Booked] Advertised (rtn) [Booked]
Kings Cross 07.05d [06.56d] 21.55a
Potters Bar 07.20d 21.35a
Stevenage 07.40d 21.15a
Peterborough 08.25d 20.25a
Berwick-upon-Tweed ??.??a 17.05d [17.05d]

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