10th September 2010

Rail Blue Charters
The West Coast Premier

Loco Used 87002 'Royal Sovereign'
Stock Used (2) 3368/3374/6122/6173/9506/10202/10588/11064/11065/11071/11084/11086/80042

Route :
1Z87 : Watford Junction to Edinburgh Waverley
1Z89 : Edinburgh Waverley to Watford Junction

Loco Route
87002 Watford Junction - (via WCML, Northampton & Trent Valley) - Carstairs South Jn - Midcalder Jn - Slateford - Haymarket - Edinburgh Waverley
87002 Edinburgh Waverley - (reverse of outward route) - Watford Junction

Notes :
(1) Paul Steane comments: The train was formed up in the DB Schenker yard at Wembley with 87002 at the helm. Leaving there at the dreadfully early hour of 05:42 the first pick-up point was at Watford Junction. The train then picked up at Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted, Tring, Leighton Buzzard, Milton Keynes Central, Northampton, Rugby and Nuneaton. Loading times at some of these stations was rather slow and we were 13 minutes late leaving Nuneaton. The standard route down the West Coast Main Line was taken with crew changes at Crewe and Carlisle, via the curve at Carstairs and on to Edinburgh Waverley. Shap was climbed in heavy rain and some time was lost due to slipping, speed being down to 55mph at the summit. A pause in Beattock Station loop (rather than the booked Abington Loop) meant that we were 15 late at Carstairs, where a slow moving freight was put in front of us. Arrival in Waverley was 19 late at 12:52, and stock went forward to Craigentinny for servicing and a shunt to put the 87 on the correct end of the train. The return was via the same route, leaving Waverley at 16:46. One of the restaurant cars had been inadequately watered at Craigentinny so a special halt was made at Carlisle for a top-up. Leaving there 15 late, we had a good dry run and the first set-down at Nuneaton was pretty much on time. Again time was lost at the set-down calls and Watford Junction was reached 24 minutes late at 23:33. Final arrival back in Wembley yard for the stock was at 23:58.
(2) Stock is listed here in numerical order, not as formed on the tour.

Sources : various including Nick Bartlett, Paul Steane & Stuart West

Timings (Advertised Only)

Location Booked (out) Booked (rtn)
Watford Junction 05.30d 23.40a
Hemel Hempstead 05.45d 23.25a
Berkhampstead 05.50d 23.20a
Tring 06.00d 23.10a
Leighton Buzzard 06.10d 23.00a
Milton Keynes Central 06.25d 22.45d
Northampton 06.45d 22.25a
Rugby 07.05d 22.05a
Nuneaton 07.20d 21.45a
Edinburgh Waverley 12.00a 17.00d

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