14th & 15th August 2010

Transport Events Services
The Wolverton Wanderer(s)

Shuttle trains postponed (cancelled?) due to postponement of open weekend event, caused by lack of ticket sales.

Route : (3 round trips advertised for each day)

Advertised Locos Advertised Route
(1) Milton Keynes Central - (2) - Wolverton Works (Westerly extemity)
(1) Wolverton Works (Westerly extemity) - (2) - Milton Keynes Central

Notes :
(1) Letter accompanying train and open day tickets stated that the train was to have been hauled (running top-n-tail) 'probably' by West Coast Railways class 33's. 'Once inside the Wolverton Works boundary, one of Railcare's Works shunters (08629 or 08649) will pilot the train to the western extremity of the Works...'. 'If joining at Wolverton 'The WCR class 33 will haul the train to the Works boundary where the Works Shunter will be detached...'.
(2) Precise routing unclear but would have involved at least two reversals.
(3) Statements made on the Transport Events Website regarding postponement of the event were;
Statement from Railcare Limited made on 18/07/2010: It is with regret that we have to announce the postponement of the Wolverton works Open Weekend as scheduled for the 14th and 15th of August 2010. Unfortunately ticket sales have been much lower than anticipated and as such we will be unable to support the event. The open day is not only arranged so that Railway enthusiast can access our historic site; it is also there to support and contribute to the local community and nominated charities. Without the ticket sales we wonít be able to do this and maximise the huge effort put in by all involved losing much needed return and value from the weekend. Our choice to postpone and not cancel the event means that the hard work by individuals so far will not be lost and a better understanding of the low tickets sales can be achieved to help support a more successful event in the summer of 2011. I have no doubt that everyone who has been actively involved and those looking forward to enjoying the weekend will fully understand the decision that has been made and the important reasoning behind it. We extend our apologies for any disappointment and disruption we might have caused and look forward to your continued support into next years event.
Statement from Transport Event Services Ltd made on 18/07/2010: It is with great surprise and considerable disappointment that we have today learned that Railcare Limited, the operators of Wolverton Works, have decided that it will not be possible to proceed with the Open Weekend at Wolverton on 14 and 15 August this year...As railway enthusiasts, we would also like to express our own disappointment that the event will not go ahead as planned. We would point out we were not consulted before Railcare made their announcement.
22/07/2010 - A statement from The Railway Magazine: The Railway Magazine can confirm that, due to circumstances beyond our control, the Wolverton Works Open Weekend (August 14/15) will not be taking place. This was a decision taken by RailCare, the operator of Wolverton Works. Regrettably, The Railway Magazine was not consulted prior to this decision being taken. As Britainís top-selling rail publication, The Railway Magazine has facilitated extremely successful public events of this nature in the past. Last yearís Eastleigh weekend was, in fact, one of the most popular rail open events ever staged in the UK with more than 19,000 people attending. We are happy to confirm that ticket sales for Wolverton were entirely within expected levels of demand and comparable with those of the previous events at the same stage.

Sources : various including Gary Thornton

Photo Review

Open Day admission ticket and tickets for trains 4/5 on 14/08 (from Gary Thornton's collection)

Timings (Advertised Only)

(from Gary Thornton)

Train No. Milton Keynes Central Wolverton Works
1 09.00d ??.??a
2 ??.??a 10.30d
3 12.00d ??.??a
4 ??.??a 13.30d
5 15.00d ??.??a
6 ??.??a 16.30d

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