23rd February 2010

The Locomotive & Carriage Institution
(AGM Charter Tram)

Trams Used 14 & 16

Route :

Trams Route
14 & 16 Seaton [Platform track] - Colyford - Colyton [Non-Platform track] - Colyton [Headshunt] - (2) Colyton [Platform track] - Colyford - Riverside Loop - Seaton Riverside Depot (3) (4) - Riverside Loop - Seaton [Non-Platform track] - Seaton [Headshunt] - Seaton [Platform track]

Notes :
(1) The trams ran in convoy along the length of the line using the left hand track (in direction of travel) at each loop in accordance with the spring points.
(2) Annual General Meeting held during the break at Colyton.
(3) In order to gain access to the depot from the Colyton direction, it was necessary to use 'reverse direction running' and traverse the diamond crossing at the depot end of Riverside Loop.
(4) Only Tram 14 was used for the trip into the depot, and this traversed Track 2 (the second from the right) inside the depot building.
Tram 16 ran directly back to Seaton.

Trams 14 & 16 at Colyton prior to the return leg of the special (photo: Stuart Smith)

Source : Stuart Smith

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