13th December 2008

Southeastern Railway
Class 508 Farewell Tour

Train cancelled due to the high cost of running the train


Advertised Traction Advertised Route
2x class 508 EMU's London Victoria (09:30d) - Brixton - Herne Hill - Penge East - Beckenham Junction
2x class 508 EMU's Beckenham Junction - New Beckenham - Ladywell - London Bridge
2x class 508 EMU's London Bridge (10:45d) - Forest Hill - East Croydon - Redhill - Tonbridge - Tunbridge Wells - Battle - Hastings
2x class 508 EMU's Hastings - (reverse of outward route) - Tonbrige
2x class 508 EMU's Tonbrige - Paddock Wood - Maidstone West - Strood
2x class 508 EMU's Strood - Rochester - Gilligham - Rainham - Western Jn - Middle Jn - Kemsley - Sheerness-on-Sea
2x class 508 EMU's Sheerness-on-Sea - Kemsley - Middle Jn - Eastern Jn - Sittingbourne - Faversham
2x class 508 EMU's Faversham - Sittingbourne - Rainham - Gillingham - Rochester - Sole Street - Swanley - Bromley South - Herne Hill - Brixton - London Victoria (19:00a)

Notes :
(1) The following e-mail was sent to potential passengers:
"After a lot of operational problems with the planned route which seemed to go on and on but eventually overcome it was down to cost. I think It would be fair to say we have been negotiating all week and yesterday, with only 29 days to the tour, yesterday was the final day. The overall costs did drop and I personally hoped it would drop again to a reasonable cost, but it didnít. The cost for a ticket would have been significantly more than most of you that replied to my email last weekend were prepared to pay and with the short time to the tour the trip had to be cancelled."

Source : Matthew Cole

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