24th August 2008

S.R.P.S. Railtours
Routes & Branches

Locos Used 40145 'East Lancashire Railway' & 55022 'Royal Scots Grey'
Stock Used ????

1Z40 : Bo'ness to Ayr
1Z55 : Ayr to Bo'ness

Loco(s) Route
40145 (1) Bo'ness - Kinneil Halt - Birkhill - Manuel Loop
55022 (2) Manuel Loop - Bo'ness Jn - Linlithgow - Linlithgow UPL
40145 (1) Linlithgow UPL - Linlithgow - Polmont Jn - Falkirk High - Greenhill Upper Jn - Lenzie - Cowlairs East Jn - Cowlairs West Jn - Cowlairs South Jn - Glasgow Queen Street
55022 (2) Glasgow Queen Street - Cowlairs South Jn - Cowlairs West Jn - Cowlairs North Jn - Maryhill - Westerton - Dalmuir - Dumbarton Central - Craigendoran Jn - Helensburgh Central
40145 (1) Helensburgh Central - Craigendoran Jn - Dumbarton Central - Dalmuir - Clydebank - Garscadden - Hyndland - Finnieston Jn - Glasgow Queen Street Low Level - Bellgrove - Shettleston - Sunnyside Jn - Airdrie - Drumgelloch
55022 (2) Drumgelloch - (reverse of outward route) - Bellgrove - High Street Jn - via 'Down City Union' - Shields Jn - Corkerhill - Paisley Canal
40145 (1) Paisley Canal - Corkerhill - Shields Jn
55022 (2) Shields Jn - Cardonald - Paisley Gilmour Street - Lochwinnoch - Kilwinning Jn - Byrehill Jn - Barassie Jn - Prestwick Town - Ayr
40145 (1) Ayr - (reverse of outward route) - Byrehill Jn - Dubbs Jn - Saltcoats - Ardrossan Harbour
55022 (2) Ardrossan Harbour - Saltcoats - Dubbs Jn - Kilwinning Jn - Lochwinnoch - Elderslie U/DPL - Paisley Gilmour Street - Cardonald - Shields Jn - Terminus Jn - Muirhouse Central Jn - Pollokshaws East - Cathcart West Jn - Cathcart East Jn - Newton - Hamilton Central - Haughhead Jn - Larkhall
40145 (1) Larkhall Jn - (reverse of outward route) - Newton - Rutherglen East Jn - Larkfield Jn - Terminus Jn - Shields Jn
55022 (2) Shields Jn - via 'Up City Union' - High Street Jn - Bellgrove - Bellgrove Jn - Springburn - Cowlairs West Jn - Cowlairs North Jn - Maryhill Park Jn - Anniesland
40145 (1) Anniesland - (reverse of outward route) - Springburn
55022 (2) Springburn - Cowlairs South Jn - Glasgow Queen Street
40145 (1) Glasgow Queen Street - Cowlairs South Jn - Cowlairs West Jn - Cowlairs East Jn - Cadder UPL - Lenzie - Greenhill Upper Jn - Greenhill Lower Jn - Carmuirs West Jn - Carmuirs East Jn - Falkirk Grahamston - Polmont Jn - Bo'ness Jn
55022 (2) Bo'ness Jn - Manuel Loop
40145 (1) Manuel Loop - (reverse of outward route) - Bo'ness

Notes :
(1) 55022 on rear.
(2) 40145 on rear.
(3) Route confirmation required, above is 'Booked Route'.

55022 pauses at at Helensburgh Central (photo: Mark Chatterton)

Source : Mark Chatterton

Tour Review
from Mark Chatterton)

Running the Branch line Britain website and not having covered that many lines in Scotland meant that this trip was a must for me. In fact I made a long weekend of it flying up to Prestwick on the Friday and returning south on the ECML on the Monday. In between I was able to visit the branches of Largs, North Berwick and Bathgate, as well as do a round tour of the Highlands going from Glasgow to Aberdeen, then onto Inverness and then back down to Edinburgh all for 27.50!

The Routes & Branches tour started off from the SRPS headquarters at Bo'ness on the Sunday morning at 7 o'clock with Deltic, 55022 'Royal Scots Grey' leading and 40145 'East Lancashire Railway' following. Then when the train reached the main line the two swapped over, a practice that would occur quite regularly throughout the day. I got on the train at Polmont and then we picked up the remainder of the passengers at Glasgow Queen Street where we had a fifteen-minute break. The first part of the trip took us out along the start of the West Highland Line to Helensburgh Central. We then came back to Glasgow via Yoker and back into Queen Street, though this time passing through the Low Level station. We continued eastwards towards Airdrie, where we were held up for about ten minutes before reaching Drumgelloch station, which was only reopened in 1989 after passenger services had been stopped in 1956. This is one branch whose days are limited, as work has started to continue the line eastwards to Bathgate station and so provide another route between Glasgow and Edinburgh, which was last used in 1982. We all had to stay on the train here whilst the driver changed ends, which was just as well as the locals weren't too friendly, someone throwing a stone at the train as we departed. Then it was back into Glasgow as far as Belgrove where we took a freight only line, which took us to Shields Junction and then onto the branch for Paisley Canal. We stopped here for a photo shoot and there were some surprised expressions from locals waiting for the local service to Glasgow Central, as hordes of railway enthusiasts all piled off the train onto the single platform station! Then it was back to Shields Junction and another reversal to take the other line to Paisley and onto Ayr.

The Deltic was finally allowed to let rip on this stretch and managed to get us to Ayr about half an hour ahead of time. We then had an hour's break in Ayr to explore or go for a drink, before going back up the line as far as Kilwinning and cutting west to Ardrossan. There was some doubt whether we would actually make it to the Harbour station, but we did get there in the end, though no one was allowed to get off. The Deltic took us once more back into Glasgow and to Shields Junction where we took another freight line to Pollokshields West and onto the Cathcart Circle line, before going east to Newton and Hamilton and then onto Larkhill station. This is another new station, only opening as recently as 2005 and still looking brand new. Once again there was time for a quick photo opportunity, before we headed back to Shields Junction - this time via Cambuslang. After another change round, we went back over the Clyde on the freight line we had crossed earlier in the day and at Belgrove went left up to Springburn, where we went on another freight line and westwards to Anniesland via the recently built line from Maryhill. With another photo shoot out of the way it was back to Springburn for another quick stop and then back into Queen Street for the end of the tour. Well not quite, as on the way back to Polmont we went via Falkirk Grahamston as opposed to Falkirk High on the way out, so yet more new track was covered.

In all I spent over twelve hours traversing the lines in and around Glasgow, covering nearly three hundred miles, yet the time didn't drag at all. I must congratulate the folks at the SRPS Railtours for organising such a great tour, which was helped by the friendly and helpful stewards, who kept us provided with plenty of hot food throughout the day. Hopefully they will organise another tour next year covering the other branches missed off this year's tour, such as Balloch, Milngavie, Neilston and East Kilbride.

Mark Chatterton 2008

Timings (Booked Only)
(from Mark Chatterton)

Location Booked
Bo'ness 07.00d
Birkhill G.F. 07*17 ~ 07*25
Manuel Loop 07.35 ~ 07.55
Bo'ness Jn G.F. 08*02 ~ 08*12
Linlithgow 08/17
Linlithgow Up Loop 08.19 ~ 08.31
Linlithgow 08/32
Polmont 08.36a ~ 08.38d
Polmont Jn 08/41
Falkirk High 08/43
Greenhill Upper Jn 08/47
Croy 08/52
Lenzie 08/56
Bishopbriggs 08/59
Cowlairs West Jn 09/05
Cowlairs South Jn 09/06
Glasgow Queen Street 09.10a ~ 09.25d [P7]
Cowlairs South Jn 09/29
Cowlairs West Jn 09/30
Cowlairs North Jn 09/32
Westerton 09/45
Dalmuir 09/55 [P1]
Dumbarton Central 10/05 [P2]
Dalreoch 10/08
Craigendoran Jn 10/16
Helensburgh Central 10.21a ~ 10.46d
Craigendoran Jn 10/51
Dalreoch 11/00
Dumbarton Central 11/01
Dalmuir 11/10 [P4]
Clydebank 11/12
Garscadden 11/16
Scotstounhill 11/18
Hyndland East Jn 11/20
Finnieston West Jn 11/22
Glasgow Queen St Low Level 11/26
Bellgrove 11/29
Shettleston 11/34
Coatbridge Sunnyside 11/56
Airdrie 12/00
Drumgelloch 12.03 ~ 12.08
Airdrie 12/10
Coatbridge Sunnyside 12/15
Shettleston 12/22
Bellgrove 12/27
High Street Jn 12/28
Shields Jn 12/38
Corkerhill Depot Jn 12/41
Paisley Canal 12p52a ~ 13p10d
Corkerhill Depot Jn 13/22
Shields Jn 13.28 ~ 13.50
Arkleston Jn 13/56
Paisley Gilmour Street 13/58
Dalry 14/17
Irvine 14/27
Barassie Jn 14/31
Prestwick Town 14/36
Ayr 14.43a ~ 15.04d [P4]
Prestwick Town 15/10
Barassie Jn 15/16
Irvine 15/20
Byrehill Jn 15/23
Dubbs Jn 15/25
Saltcoats 15/30
Ardrossan South Beach 15/32
Ardrossan Town 15/35
Ardrossan Harbour 15.38 ~ 15.57
Ardrossan Town 16/00
Ardrossan South Beach 16/03
Saltcoats 16/05
Kilwinning 16/10
Dalry 16/14
Lochwinnoch 16/21
Elderslie 16*29 ~ 16*37
Paisley Gilmour Street 16/42
Arkleston Jn 16/44
Shields Jn 16/49
Terminus Jn 16/54
Muirhouse Central Jn 16/56
Cathcart West Jn 17/03
Newton 17/14 [P2]
Hamilton Central 17/34
Haughhead Jn 17/36
Allanton Loop 17/39
Larkhall 17p42a ~ 17p51d
Allanton Loop 17/55
Haughhead Jn 17/58
Hamilton Central 18/00
Newton 18/23 [P1]
Rutherglen East Jn 18/27
Larkfield Jn 18/30
Terminus Jn 18/32
Shields Jn 18.35 ~ 18.46
High Street Jn 18/58
Bellgrove 18/59
Springburn 19/03
Cowlairs West Jn 19/05
Cowlairs North Jn 19/07
Maryhill Park Jn 19/13
Anniesland (Bay P.3} 19p16a ~ 19p32d
Maryhill Park Jn 19/35
Cowlairs North Jn 19/41
Cowlairs West Jn 19/42
Springburn 19.45 ~ 19.55 [P2]
Cowlairs South Jn 19/59
Glasgow Queen Street 20.03a ~ 20.18d [P7]
Cowlairs South Jn 20/22
Cadder UPL 20*29 ~ 20*39
Croy 20/46
Greenhill Upper Jn 20/50
Greenhill Lower Jn 20/51
Carmuirs West Jn 20/54
Carmuirs East Jn 20/55
Grangemouth Jn 20/59
Polmont Jn 21/04
Polmont 21.05a ~ 21.07d
Bo'ness G.F. 21.13 ~ 21.23
Manuel Loop 21.35 ~ 21.40
Birkhill G.F. 21*50 ~ 21*58
Bo'ness 22.15a

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