2nd December 2006

NENTA Traintours
A Dickensian Christmas

Locos Used 47145 & 47703
Stock Used 3385+3352+1657+3326+3278+3366+1254+5958+5797+5866+5906+6046+9497

1Z41 : Sudbury to Skipton
1Z42 : Skipton to Rylstone Quarry
1Z43 : Rylstone Quarry to Skipton
1Z44 : Skipton to Sudbury

Loco(s) Route
47703 (1) Sudbury Marks Tey Colchester Ipswich Stowmarket Bury St Edmunds Ely March Peterborough (via ECML) (6) York
47145 (2) York Church Fenton Milford Jn Castleford Castleford West Jn Methley Jn Engine Shed Jn Whitehall Jn Keighley (3) Skipton (4) North of Skipton
47703 (1) North of Skipton Rylstone (7)
47145 (2) Rylstone - North of Skipton
47703 (1) North of Skipton Skipton
47703 (1) Skipton (reverse of outward route) - Engine Shed Jn
47145 (2) Engine Shed Jn Leeds West Jn Leeds Church Fenton York (5)
47703 (1) York (reverse of outward route) - Sudbury

(1) 47145 on rear.
(2) 47703 on rear, providing ETS.
(3) Optional visit to Keighley & Worth Valley Railway.
(4) Optional Coach connection for Grassington Christmas Fair.
(5) Train was booked reverse of outward, (via Castleford), for return but was turned at Engine Shed Jn to keep ETS 47 on the front, saving one of the FM crew having to man 47703 on the rear from York to Sudbury (it has also been suggested it was turned due to the poor condition of 47145, a fact borne out as it failed on the Sunday whilst taking the ECS back to Oxley).
(6) outward train was delayed on ECML due to photographers on the wrong side of fence. (will they never learn?).
(7) At Rylstone Quarry, train reached the Network Rail boundary approx mile from end of line.

47145 was captured at York (photo: 'Bigbird')

Sources : Alan Chilestone & 'Bigbird'

Timings (Advertised Only)
(from Gary Thornton)

Location Advertised (out) Advertised (rtn)
Sudbury 05.45d 23.40a
Bures 06.00d 23.25a
Chappel & Wakes Colne 06.10d 23.15a
Marks Tey 06.15d 23.05a
Colchester 06.26d 22.53a
Manningtree 06.38d 22.42a
Ipswich 06.53d 22.30a
Stowmarket 07.08d 22.15a
Bury St Edmunds 07.29d 21.50a
Ely 08.01d 21.15a
York 11.00a 18.45d
Keighley 12.30a 17.45d
Skipton 12.45a 17.30d
Grassington 13.15a 17.00d

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