29th April 2006

Hertfordshire Rail Tours
Spalding Flower Festival

Blue Pullman series

Locos Used at least 47712 & 47832
Stock Used Blue Pullman rake

1Z20 : Finsbury Park to Spalding
1Z?? : Spalding to Finsbury Park

Loco(s) Route
47712 (1) Finsbury Park - Hertford North - Stevenage - ??? - Spalding
????? Spalding - ??? - Stevenage - ??? - Finsbury Park

(1) 47832 on rear.
(2) Route confirmation required - photographed at Bayord on the Hertford North loop on the outward leg. The return route was described as 'indirect' to give time for the evening meal to be served.

Sources : Gary Thornton (from advertising brochure) & Richard Rooker

Timings (Advertised Only)

Location Advertised (out) Advertised (rtn)
Finsbury Park 09.00d 20.45a
Stevenage 09.45d 20.00a

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