11th March 2006

Did this train run? Details taken from PTR brochure

Past Time Rail
The York Flyer

Loco(s) Used ?????
Stock Used ?????


Loco(s) Route
????? Taunton - Weston-super-Mare - Bristol Temple Meads - Bristol Parkway - Cheltenham Spa - Bromsgrove - Barnt Green - Landor Street Jn - Tamworth - Burton-on-Trent - Derby - Chesterfield - ?Sheffield -? Swinton - Church Fenton - York
????? York - Church Fenton - Swinton - ?Beighton Jn -? Chesterfield - (reverse of outward route) - Taunton

(1) Route confirmation required - above is from
8th April repeat run. Richard Astley comments: Was this the tour worked by 67006/016? I have photo's of a train at Tamworth but have lost my records. I'm sure it was a Taunton - York charter, I think operated by PTR but I was trying to locate the date from Six Bells Junction. From the photos it would appear to have been in late spring/early summer, judging by the foliage on trees.

Source : David Wood

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