9th June 2005

Steam Dreams
The Cathedrals Express

Locos Used 31128 & steam: 6024
Stock Used ????


Loco(s) Route
6024 London Victoria - Bath Spa - Bristol Temple Meads
6024 Bristol Temple Meads - Theale Loop - Willesden SW Sidings
?31128? Willesden SW Sidings - London Victoria

Notes :
(1) Route confirmation required. Ben Couldwell comments: we ended up running an hour late on the way back because the brakes were still sticking on the stock (i.e. similar to the Weymouth trip the Saturday before), so the ejector kept draining the tender and we had to wait for the tanker to go and refill in Theale goods loop. The driver also over ran at Maidenhead on the set down and those getting off ended up climbing down from the rear carriage which was just at the end of the platform ramp.

Source : Ben Couldwell

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