12th August 2004

Hertfordshire Rail Tours
The Downsman

Locos Used 67002 & steam: 34067
Stock Used 5037+5027+1832+4925+3146+3147+1679+3120+3123+1680+3121+2834

Route: 1Z80 throughout

Loco(s) Route
34067 (1) London Victoria - Grosvenor Bridge Jn – Stewarts Lane Jn – Longhedge Jn – Clapham Junction – Barnes – Hounslow – Feltham – Staines – Virginia Water – Woking – Guildford – Shalford – Redhill – East Croydon – Selhurst – Clapham Junction – Pouparts Jn – Longhedge Jn – Stewarts Lane Jn – Victoria - London Victoria

Notes :
(1) Banked from Victoria to Grosvenor Bridge by 67002.

Sources : Janet Cottrell & Rob Wells

Tour Review
(by Janet Cottrell)

This tour was unusual for couple of reasons, namely;
a) I do not normally do “kettles”
I could get up at a sensible time and still have time to potter around the house before leaving for the tour.

Not being very trusting where trains on the WCML are concerned I left a little earlier than necessary and got to Victoria with over an hour to spare. There was no sign of the stock so a quick walk down the road was taken followed by an even quicker walk back when it started to rain, of course the sun came out by the time I got back to the station, typical British summer weather.

Time ticked by and it was nearly 1210 when 67002 hove into view with the coaches and 34067 bringing up the rear. Coach J turned out to be at the front rather than the rear (as I was expecting) and I could not have been any nearer the loco unless seated in the support coach, so settle back open the window to let the thrash (and cinders) in and enjoy.

We left slightly late with most of my fellow passengers assuring me that the 67 would bank us out of the station. Sure enough it was visible on the rear as we curved over Grosvenor Bridge but had gone by the time we dropped down past Stewarts Lane, bonus scratch!

Following a dead stand outside Victoria PSB, we managed to get through Clapham without actually stopping but were held as booked at Barnes for a few minutes.

Although the timings were not exactly taxing a load of 12 coaches (10 for passengers including kitchen car, one support coach and one staff / barrier vehicle) meant that the loco had to work quite hard. There was another pathing stop at Guildford, then we proceeded round to Shalford for a water stop where the Mid Hants Railway’s fire engine was on hand to pump the water from a convenient fire hydrant down to the platform.

Just east of the station was a very handy footbridge which enabled those who braved the sudden rain shower to get a reasonable photo before we all rejoined the train to enjoy the thrash up the bank to Gomshall.

The rest of the journey was unremarkable as we threaded our way back to Victoria through Redhill and East Croydon, passing two or three local trains with several bemused “normals” staring from the windows. A brief stop at Pouparts then the long way round via Longhedge and Stewarts Lane, finally arriving some 5 minutes early and giving time for another quick photo before the platform stasi started throwing their weight around.

All in all, a very pleasant way to while away a few hours.

Janet Cottrell

Timings (Booked & Actual)
(from Janet Cottrell & Brian Halford)

Location Booked Actual
Victoria 12.28d 12.30
Grosvenor Bridge Jn 12/32 12/34
Stewarts Lane Jn 12/36 12/36
Longhedge Jn 12/40 12/40
Clapham Junction 12/44 12/46
Barnes 12.50a ~ 12.57d 12.52 ~ 12.57
Brentford 13/04 13/07
Hounslow 13/09 13/11
Feltham Jn 13.11a ~ 13.20d 13/13
Feltham 13/23 13/16
Staines 13/29 13/23
Virginia Water 13/37 13/33
Addlestone Jn 13/45 13/42
Byfleet & New Haw 13/51 13/44
Woking 13/58½ 13/55
Woking Jn 13/59½ 13/56
Guildford 14.09a ~ 14.24d 14.05 ~ 14.22
Shalford Jn 14/27 14/25
Shalford 14.29a ~ 14.50d 14.29 ~ 14.49
Gomshall 14/59 15/02
Reigate 15/14 15/14
Redhill 15/19 15/19
Stoats Nest Jn 15/30 15/28
Purley 15/33 15/30
South Croydon 15/36 15/33
East Croydon 15/38½ 15/38
Windmill Bridge Jn 15/39 15/39
Selhusrt 15/40½ 15/40
Balham 15/45½ 15/45
Clapham Junction 15/48½ 15/48
Pouparts Jn 15/50 15/50
Longhedge Jn 15/52 15/52
Stewarts Lane Jn 15/54 15/54
Grosvenor Bridge Jn 16/03 15/56
Victoria (E) 15.06a 16.06

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