24th July 2004

Northern Enterprise

Locos Used steam : 85 & 186
Stock Used 5607+5226+5157+5230+5220+5405+5154+5219
DMU Used (1) 8082+8766+8738+8754+8771+8068


Traction Route
85 Dublin Connolly - Drogheda - Belfast Central
DMU as listed (1) Belfast Central - Whitehead RPSI (3)
DMU as listed (1) Whitehead RPSI - Belfast Central
85 Belfast Central - Drogheda - Dublin Connolly

Notes :
(1) This train was originally meant to be steam hauled throughout to Whitehead, and to be formed by an IE Cravens set of coaches, however, these were required elsewhere on the day so an IE mk2d set was used instead. However, IE mk2d stock was not cleared for use on the Larne Line, so passengers had to switch to the NIR DMU set listed above at Belfast Central for the Belfast-Whitehead leg of the trip.
(2) On arrival at Belfast Central , 85 hauled the train ECS to York Road for stabling, then ran light engine to Great Victoria Street to turn on the triangle there, then returned light engine to York Road, and later brought the coaches ECS to Belfast Central for the return journey.
(3) 186 was used to give cab rides at Whitehead RPSI.

Source : N. Kelly (on the train throughout)

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