6th June 2004

100 Jahre Korneubrug - Erstbrunn

Locos Used ÖBB 2070 075 & steam: 52 4984 (ex-JZ 33-227)

R16340 : Wien Südbf Ostseite to Ernstbrunn
R16341 : Ernstbrunn to Rückersdorf-Harmannsdorf
R16342 : Rückersdorf-Harmannsdorf to Ernstbrunn
R16343 : Ernstbrunn to Wien Südbf Ostseite

Loco(s) Route
52 4984 Wien Südbf Ostseite – Wien Simmering – Erherzog Karl-Straße – Leopoldau – Jedlersdorf – Korneuberg – Mollmannsdorf – Ernstbrunn
2070 075 (1) Ernstbrunn – Rückersdorf-Harmannsdorf
52 4984 (2) Rückersdorf-Harmannsdorf – Ernstbrunn
52 4984 Ernstbrunn – (return of outwards route) – Wien Südbf Ostseite

Notes :
(1) 52 4984 on rear.
(2) 2070 075 on rear.

Source : Janet & John Cottrell (on the train throughout)

Tour Review
(by Janet Cottrell)

Not content with celebrating 90 years of the Pressburgerbahn yesterday, today saw a tour to celebrate 100 years of the Korneuburg – Ernstbrunn line…. well the actual anniversary falls midweek in November, but who wants to celebrate in the middle of winter.

Unlike yesterday this was an all day event and haulage would be provided by a kettle. Having been advised that Ernstbrunn wasn’t exactly the centre of the universe (it no longer has a passenger service, hence the main reason for doing the tour) we had been investigating ways out rather than spend five hours there, but a leaflet viewed on one of the local units advertised a “Pendelfahrt” which would kill some of the time and made the whole exercise more worthwhile. Our local contact advised that as there was no means of running the loco round between Ernstbrunn and the junction at Korneuburg, the additional train would be topped and tailed by a class 2070 diesel, so there was a good chance of scoring a second loco.

There was a good turn out again for this tour, no real surprise as steam power usually attracts plenty of people – we were also told that any sort of celebratory trip usually draws the crowds as well. Departure was a tad late, the stock was not gronked into the platform until departure time and then the steam loco had to be attached. Progress was stately rather than spectacular round to the start of the branch at Korneuburg although some good views could be had of the loco as we curved round the new flyover at Florisdorf.  En route we passed 1080.01 and support coach making it’s way back to Selzthal after working yesterday’s train – I think that this meeting had been deliberately engineered as those looking after the loco were all enthusiasts.

If we thought that we had problems trying to take photos yesterday with people milling round the engines, today was virtually impossible as it seemed that every man and his dog (and wife and children) wanted a close look at 52 4984. We had another go at Stetten but gave up and succumbed to the rather tempting home made wares on one of the stalls there. Our chance came at the grandly named Würnitz-Hetzmannsdorf when somebody started bellowing in German and gesticulating. Stuart’s German is rather better than ours and he translated that there would be a run past, with the train setting back towards Korneuburg before running through the station. Seizing our chance, we dashed away from the station area and managed a couple of people-free shots as the train passed. It was enough to give any visiting HSE inspector terminal heart failure, the guard merely hopped onto the rear step and waved the driver back before the loco was thrashed through the station, past mum, dad and the kids before propelling back to pick everybody up again.

Excitement over, we proceeded to Ernstbrunn where there were yet more stalls selling a wide range of food and drink and an exhibition of freight wagons by ÖBB Cargo who had also provided 2070 075. It looked as though the latter had been giving cab rides around the station area until the train had arrived, but we had not missed out as it would work the additional train to Rückersdorf-Harmannsdorf. Whilst waiting for this we had a walk past 52 4984, still surrounded by hoards of people, over the level crossing and towards the end of the line which was marked by a stop board in the middle of the track some 900 metres from the station.

Beyond that the track looked intact (the line used to continue to Mistelbach and was used for goods traffic until 1999) - we did toy with the idea of walking further but there was not much to see apart from miles of rolling countryside. Back to the station, with a pause to bellow at the vintage bus that was shuttling between the village and station, and back onto the train for the trip to Rückersdorf-Harmannsdorf.

The 2070 was nothing to write home about in the thrash stakes, it made more noise when standing still, producing sounds more akin to domestic washing appliances – but it was a winner and it made a change having an actual journey behind one rather than a shunt from one platform to another at Wien Westbahnhof. Some phots were easily managed at the terminating point as most peoples attention was on the device at the other end, even so there were a few souls who were keen to have their picture taken whilst posing on the running plate of the diesel.

Originally we had intended to attempt a bail out move at Ernstbrunn, in fact Stuart did had a plane to catch but this had been retimed and there was now no reason for him to dash off. Andreas (our local contact) had been asked to investigate getting a taxi, and came up with the news that the Managing Director of ÖBB Personenzug no less would give us a lift back to the Vienna area, one slight problem – his car was at the next shack down the line some 3.5km away. After being introduced and exchanging pleasantries, we declined his offer, explaining that we were enjoying ourselves so much that we would stick with the train and see the day out and that there was no rush to catch a plane now. Our last sight of him was of his back receding down the track, at least it was a nice day for a walk.

Having scratched in our diesel for the day, it was back to steam for the return journey of the Pendelfahrt and main train. Back under the wires at Korneuburg, a strange strobe – like effect was noticed, it appeared that the clag from the kettle was so thick that it was trying to earth the overheads, a rather unnerving experience. Pleased to report that there was no flashover and we reaching Wien Ost more or less on time and with nothing having been fried.

Verdict – another excellent tour, I would recommend anybody wishing to sample these trips to visit http://www.erlebnis-bahn-schiff.at/english/index_eng.htm. Anybody wishing to find out more about the line and view an extensive selection of photos taken on the day should visit http://www.landesbahn.at/

The latter is in German but there are translation tools available on-line to help out in this department.

Janet Cottrell

Timings (Booked & Actual)
(from Janet Cottrell)

Times (Festzug)

Location Booked Actual   Booked Actual
Wien Südbf Ostseite 08.24d 08.41   19.42a 19.45
Wien-Simmering ??.??a ~ 08.29d ?   19.31a ~ ??.??d 19.34 ~ ??.??
Erherzog Karl-Straße ??.??a ~ 08.41d ?   19.18a ~ ??.??d ?
Korneuburg 09.15a ~ 09.35d ?   18.33a ~ ??.??d ?
Stetten 09.45a ~ 10.05d ?   18.00a ~ ??.??d ?
Rückersdorf-Harmannsdorf - -   17.45a ~ ??.??d ?
Würnitz-Hetzmannsdorf 10.35a ~ 10.50d ?   17.30a ~ ??.??d ?
Wetzleinsdorf 11.05a ~ 11.30d ?   17.20a ~ ??.??d ?
Ernstbrunn 12.00a 12.07   17.00d 17.05

Times (Pendelfahrt)

Location Booked Actual   Booked Actual
Ernstbrunn 13.30d 13.36   15.50a 16.00
Wetzleinsdorf 13/50 ?   15/25 ?
Würnitz-Hetzmannsdorf 14/00 ?   15/15 ?
Rückersdorf-Harmannsdorf 14.15a 14.24   15.00d 15.03

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