5th June 2004

90 Jahre Pressburgerbahn

Locos Used ÖBB 1072.01 & 1080.01


Loco(s) Route
1072.01 + 1080.01 Wien Südbf. – Wien Meidling – Inzersdorf Ort – Oberlaa – Klein Schwechat - Flughafen Wien-Schwechat – Fischamend – Petronell-Carnuntum – Hainburg an der Donau – Wolfsthal
1072.01 Wolfsthal – Hainburg an der Donau - Petronell-Caruntum – Fischamend – Flughafen Wien-Schwechat – Klein Schwechat – Zentralfriedhof – Simmering Ostbahn – Wien Südbf. Ostseite
1080.01 Wolfsthal – Hainburg an der Donau - Petronell-Caruntum – Fischamend – Flughafen Wien-Schwechat – Klein Schwechat – Zentralfriedhof – Simmering Ostbahn – Wien Südbf. Ostseite

Notes :
(1) Train ran outwards with both locos working in tandem. On arrival at Wolfsthal, the train divided, half returning with 1072.01 at 17.11 and the other half returning with 1080.01 three hours later.

Source : Janet & John Cottrell (on outward and first return journey)

Tour Review
(by Janet Cottrell)

For those not familiar with Austria, there is a comprehensive programme of tours run under the banner “Erlebnis Bahn & Schiff” (literally experience Rail and Ship) using mostly heritage locos for the rail journeys. Whilst these trips are mostly aimed at “normals” there are some that would appeal to “cranks” and this was one of them, a celebration of 90 years of the line to Pressburg (Bratislava) using one of the original locos built for the line. OK, it might have been rebuilt in the 1950’s, but large parts of it are still original and at 90 years old it does not get many outings. We also needed the line to Wolfsberg (the current terminus) which is normally unit only and that, coupled with a very sociable lunchtime start, meant that this tour just had to be done.

Following a quick flail round to scoop in some more modern traction, we arrived at Wien Südbahnhof in time to view the train proceeding round the curve from the depot headed by two of the most amazing standard gauge devices we had ever clapped eyes on, a tiny four wheeled green electric leading a larger machine with ten coupled wheels under it. The latter was 1080.01, a mere youngster at 80 years old which had been specially brought up all the way from Selzthal in order to join in the celebrations.

It was pleasing to note a large number of people had turned out for the train and we had difficulty in finding a pair of seats. Having headed for the front of the train (force of habit) and working our way back, we found some seats in the third coach just as we left, only to get a text message from our Austrian friend to say that there was plenty of space in the back coach. We decided to stay put until the first stop, at Groß Schwechat – only to get accosted by the gripper as we tried to alight. By the time we had been chinged we were on our way again - perhaps we should mention here that although all these trips can be booked in advance, it is no problem to pay on the day if preferred.

One thing about the journey that we did not quite understand was why there were extended stops at most of the stations. We soon found out as we pulled into the first of these at Fischamend to be greeted by a group of young people playing traditional Austrian music and what seemed like half the local town out to meet the train. This was repeated at most of the stations down the line making attempts to get photographs rather fraught, but it was a refreshing change to be able to wander about at will, in fact we did not see a single policeman all day or get any rants from the railway staff. The only time we heard raised voices was at Maria Ellend when we crossed the regular passenger service. Shortly before it came in a couple of staff members positioned themselves on the loop platform and shouted some warnings, but even the normals had realised what was happening and most people had already stood back.

At Petronell-Carnuntum we were accosted by a woman in Roman dress inviting us to visit the “Römerfest” and Roman ruins there. She was very enthusiastic and appeared eager to escort us to these delights and could speak good English so we had to put her off by saying that we would try and  drop in after we had been to Wolfsthal.

Hainburg / Donau provided some variety on the music front with a jazz group rather than an “Oompah band” and there was also chance for some interesting photographs of the train on the low viaduct that carried the railway alongside the river. Wolfsthal had a couple of stalls selling food and drink, but we could not see anything to merit a three hour stay there so returned with the 1072 after a quick walk to the end of the line to view Bratislava through the trees. There has been talk for some time of extending the railway back across the border to provide a third crossing between Austria and Slovakia, but there is no sign of any progress at this end.

The return journey was a bit quicker without 1080.01 as this machine is restricted to 50kph, the “birthday girl” proved quite sprightly although she had a noticeable “waddle” at speed. Our Austrian friend baled off at Regelsbrunn as he wanted to return to Wolfsburg and sample 1080.01 on it’s own but as the latter works off it’s home base of Selzthal quite regularly, we decided to stick with the older and “rarer” machine.

We were joined by Messrs Clarke and Read at Groß Schwechat, they had been intending to join at the start but had been sidetracked by the sight of a rare and required 2143 working off St. Pölten. Whilst waiting at a signal for the final stretch into the Ostbahnhof, we became aware of an awful noise approaching – our first thoughts were of a prop engined plane bearing in mind the proximity of the airport… wrong it was a 2143 class diesel on full bore, heading towards Bratislava. Even though it was an ex Graz example (for some reason that depot’s 2143’s always sound louder than the rest) it was particularly outrageous, Austria won’t be the same when they have all gone.

Arrival was a few minutes late, we did consider doubling back to catch 1080.01 but hunger took over so we went for the food / beer option as the second train was not due in until nearly ten o’clock. Despite our doubts over the extended stops on the outwards journey, it turned out to be a most enjoyable trip – we shall certainly be going on some of these tours on our next visit.

Janet Cottrell

Timings (Booked & Actual)
(from Janet Cottrell)

Location Booked Actual
Wien Südbf. 12.40d 12.42
Wien Meidling 12.49a ~ 12.51d ?
Groß Schwechat 13.16a ~ 13.21d ?
Fischamend 13.43a ~ 14.03d ?
Maria Ellend 14.12a ~ 14.45d ?
Regelsbrunn 14.55a ~ 15.17d ?
Petronell-Carnuntum 15.25a ~ 15.45d ?
Bad Deutsch Altenburg 15.51a ~ 16.11d ?
Hainburg / Donau 16.18a ~ 16.38d ?
Wolfsthal 16.46a 16.46


Location Booked Actual   Booked
Wolfsthal 17.11d 17.11   20.11d
Hainburg / D. Pers. Bf 17.18a ~ 17.19d ?   20.18a ~ 20.19d
Hainburg / D. Fbf 17.21a ~ 18.21d ?   -
Bad Deutsch Altenburg 18.25a ~ 18.26d ?   20.25a ~ 20.26d
Petronell-Carnuntum 18.32a ~ 18.33d ?   20.33a ~ 20.34d
Regelsbrunn 18.42a ~ 18.44d ?   20.43a ~ 20.45d
Maria Ellend 18.53a ~ 18.54d ?   20.54a ~ 20.55d
Fischamend 19.02a ~ 19.03d ?   21.03a ~ 21.04d
Groß Schwechat 19.21a ~ 19.22d ?   21.25a ~ 21.27d
Wien Südbf. Ostseite 19.43a 19.52   21.53a

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