24th May 2004

V.S.O.E. (Northern Belle)

Locos Used ?37427? & 67012
Stock Used 3182+3174+1566+3267+3273+1953+3275+3247+17167+10729

1Z22 : Inverness to Crewe

Loco(s) Route
????? (1) Inverness - Aviemore - Perth - Braidhurst UGL
????? Braidhurst UGL - Carlisle - Manchester Victoria - Crewe
????? Manchester Victoria - Crewe

(1) May have been part of a longer, multi-day, tour? Use of 37427 is questioned (was shown on TRUST as involved but may only have been to draw stock into Inverness station or was it used to Braidhurst loop?). Route confirmation required.

Source : Rob Wells

Timings (Booked Only)

Location Booked
Inverness 12.00d
Aviemore 12.49a ~ 12.53d
Perth 14.35a ~ 14.40d
Vraidhurst UGL 16.36a ~ 17.02d
Beattock Summit UPL 17.49a ~ 17.55d
Carlisle 18.51a ~ 19.01d
Manchester Victoria 21.16a ~ 21.40d
Crewe 22.39a

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