16th November 2003

Irish Traction Group
(Shunter Charter)

Locos Used D2956, D3232, 4002 (Hudswell Clarke D1076 of 1959), 08944 & WD (Motor Rail / Simplex 9009 of 1948
Stock Used M4917 + M4873

A series of specials that ran at the end of the ITG AGM. All times are actual.

Train Loco(s) Route
1 D3232 (1) 15.35d Bury Loco (Works platform) - End of Line (near site of Clifton Jn) 15.37a
1 08944 (2) 15.39d End of Line (near site of Clifton Jn) - Bury Loco 15.41a
2 D3232 (3) 15.46d Bury Loco - End of Line 15.48a
2 4002 + 08944 (2) 15.49d End of Line - Bury Loco 15.52a
3 D3232 (4) 16.04d Bury Loco - Not Quite End of End of Line 16.06a
3 9009 + 08944 (2) 16.08d Not Quite End of End of Line - Bury Loco 16.11a
4 D3232 (5) 16.21d Bury Loco - End of Line 16.24a
4 D2956 + 08944 (2) 16.25d End of Line - Bury Loco 16.28a
5 D3232 (5) 16.31d Bury Loco - End of Line 16.33a
5 08944 (6) 16.34d End of Line - Bury Loco 16.35a

Notes :
(1) 08944 on rear.
(2) D3232 on rear.
(3) 4002 & 08944 on rear.
(4) 9009 & 08944 on rear.
(5) D2956 & 08944 on rear.
(6) D2956 not working, D3232 on rear.

Trip 5 was an extra trip laid on as some people missed first trip due to relocation of start point.

Bury Loco 9m15ch
Bury Depot Jn 9m00ch
(site of) Clifton Jn (or Bury Loco Jn) 8m63ch
End of Line -- Somewhere between 9m00ch & 8m63ch

Source : Alan Sheppard

Brief comments
(by Alan Sheppard)

The original plan was for the 08's to take participants from Bury Bolton Street to Buckley Wells (Works Platform) - Then shunt up & down in yard then return participants to Bolton Street. However, this plan was thwarted by East Lancs deciding to lift carriages with their crane in the section between Bury Bolton Street & Buckley Wells level crossing. So with the time fast approaching the "start" time of 3pm I found out we had to make our way to Buckley Wells shed. Also, two people I knew, were on the 14:38 arrival from Rawtensall which was held outside Bolton Street station until 14.50. So it was a dash. 

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