11th October 2003

Hertfordshire Rail Tours
The Fisherman Grim

(Pride of the Nation Series)

Loco Used 67020
Stock Used 17015+3124+3127+1696+3114+5037+4925+5007+1832+4986+5027+5278

1Z67 : Kings Cross to Cleethorpes
1Z68 : Cleethorpes to Kings Cross

Loco Route
67020 London Kings Cross - (via ECML) - Newark Northgate - Boultham Jn - Lincoln Central - Market Rasen - Wrawby Jn - Habrough - Immingham loop - Habrough - Grimsby Town - Cleethorpes 
67020 Cleethorpes - Grimsby Town - Habrough - Wrawby Jn - (reverse of outward route) - London Kings Cross

67020 approaches Collingham (photo : Dave Burton)

Sources : various

Tour Review
(by Alan Costello)

On a sunny morning, my wife and I drove to Stevenage to have a day out at the seaside and to visit the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway for the first time. As we arrived at the car park, a Eurostar liveried set passed through on the White Rose. This was followed by the Edinburgh 225 hauled by 91130. At 0858 our train arrived at Platform 4 with 67020.A steady run up the slow line got us to a crew stop at Peterborough. Whilst there 66002 Lafarge Quorn on a Lafarge hopper train passed on our left whilst 91102 arrived from Newcastle on our right.

The stabling point had at least 8 locos -37688/694/709/521/712/695, 47727 and 60073.In the yard, 66701 was moving towards the station with 66242 and another EWS 66 at the head of a line of wagons. Outside the GBRF shed were 66703/709.These were to be the last locos I saw until Immingham depot.

We left a few minutes late,but started running early after missing out the crew stop at Newark. Despite another stop for a crew change at Lincoln we left 5 minute early and by Wrawby Junction we were 15 minutes up. Barnetby and its display of semaphore signals was next A five minute stop was made at Marsh Junction before we started going round the Immingham loop.

After a minute's stop at Immingham East Junction we reached Immingham depot. we first passed 60082/66,then a large number of mostly Class 56's,including 56059/113/32/27/88/44/37/86/45/128/21/82 and 37677. In the middle of the shed yard was a class 86. stored locos. Humber Road oil terminal had some Freightliner Class 66's but they all seem to behind the oil tankers. Habrough was then passed for the second time before reaching Grimsby Town 30 minutes early. After stopping to let a large number of passengers who had elected to visit the town, the train moved onto Cleethorpes.

We then transferred to a pair of Stagecoach double-deckers and were taken to the Lakeside terminus of the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway. When we got there, the train waiting to go to the other end of the line at Kingsway was full, so instead we got in a 2 car DMU that was running shuttles to the engine shed and back. After the visit, we joined the next train to Kingsway for a return trip. The service was being worked by 2 trains and 3 engines with a swap at Lakeside. The engines used were two 4-4-2 steam locos - No 1 Sutton Belle and No 2 Sutton Flyer together with a Bo-Bo diesel with the shape of a GWR railcar. After we returned, we had a cup of tea and a sticky bun before walking up to the Meridian line. When we got back, we joined the bus. Just after 1600 John Farrow told the driver to go. Unfortunately the engine wouldn't start and after fiddling about at the back of the bus,it was decided it had a flat battery. The control room was called and a replacement bus ordered. After 20 minutes it arrived and we left at 1645 giving us plenty of time to get back for the train.

At 1712 we left and took 10 minutes to get to Grimsby to pick up the rest of the party. An easy schedule made us 30 minutes early at Langworth so we came to a halt outside Lincoln to wait nearer to our arrival time for the programmed crew change. This enabled us to have our dinner in a civilised manner. This was the first meal I had had with the Premier Train Catering Limited and was very impressed. A starter of Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup was followed by grilled Scottish salmon with a White Wine & Creamy Butter Sauce and fresh chives, Mange Tout tossed in garlic and ginger, Honey & Cinnamon Carrot, Sauté & New Potatoes. Then Peach & Champagne Tart.

Getting back to the tour, we passed Lincoln without stopping - still early. Crew change was taken at Newark. A fast run down Stoke bank ended with fierce braking as we approached Peterborough. Stabled at the GBRF shed was 66715/708/702 and at the Peterborough stabling point were 66060/087/182.After stopping for another crew change we left 3 minutes early but soon came to a halt to let a 225 pass, but a fast run got us to Stevenage 9 minutes early. A good day out but this was probably our last railtour as we are hoping to move to Weymouth shortly - not the best of places to pick up a tour.

Alan Costello

Timings (Booked & Actual)
(from various including Alan Costello)

Location Booked Actual   Booked Actual
Kings Cross 08.18d 08.18   21.05a 21.10
Belle Isle 08/20 08/20   21/03 21/08
Finsbury Park 08/22 08/23   20/59 21/06
Alexandra Palace 08/24 08/26   20/57 21/03
Potters Bar 08.31a ~ 08.34d 08.35a ~ 08.39d   20.48a ~ 20.51d 20.52 ~ 20.56
Welwyn Garden City 08/42 08/46   20/42 20/42
Woolmer Green 08/50 08/52   20/39˝ 20/39
Stevenage 08.54a ~ 08.56d 08.56 ~ 08.59   20.32a ~ 20.35d 20.31 ~ 20.34
Hitchin 09/00˝ 09/03   20/25 20/27
Sandy 09/10˝ 09/13   20/18 20/20
Huntingdon 09/25 09/28   20/08 20/11
Connington South Jn   20/03 20/05
Holme LC 09/32 09/36  
Peterborough 09.38a ~ 09.40d 09.44 ~ 09.49   19.53a ~ 19.56d 19.49 ~ 19.53
Tallington Jn 09/54 10/00   19/45 19/43
Stoke Tunnel 10/08 10/13   19/34 19/33
Grantham 10/22 10/21   19/30 19/30
Barkston South Jn 10/26 10/24   19/27 19/26
Newark North Gate 10.34a ~ 10.37d 10/32   19.17a ~ 19.19d 19.12 ~ 19.14
Newark Crossing East Jn 10/39 10/37   19/15 19/09
Boultham Jn 10/58 10/54   18/58 18/49
West Holmes Jn 10/59 10/55   18/57 18/47
Lincoln Central 11.02a ~ 11.04d 10.57 ~ 11.00   18.52a ~ 18.54d 18/42
Pelham Street 11/06 11/01   18/47 18/43
Langworth 11/15 11/08   18/37 18/07
Wickenby LC 11/21 11/12   18/22 ?
Holton-le-Moor 11/33 11/21   18/02 17/53
Wrawby Jn 11/45 11/29   17/41 17/41
Barnetby 11/47 11/32   17/39 17/42
Brocklesby Jn 11/52 11/37   17/32 17/36
Habrough 11/54 11/40  
Marsh Jn 12/04 11.49a ~ 11.54d  
Great Coates No.1 12/11 11/58  
Pyewipe Road LC 12/19 12/04  
Immingham East Jn 12/38 12.17a ~ 12.18d  
Humber Road Jn 12/47 12/26  
Ulceby 12/54 ?  
Habrough 12/57 ?   17/29 ?
Grimsby Town 13.09a ~ 13.12d 12.47 ~ 12.51   17.16a ~ 17.19d 17.21 ~ 17.24
Cleethorpes 13.20a 13.00   17.11d 17.11

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