20th September 2003

Werkgroep 1501
Magical Mystery Tour

Locos Used NS 1302, NS 1501 & PB05


Loco(s) Route
1501 Den Haag HS - Leiden Centraal - Haarlem Zuid Jn - Haarlem Noord Jn - Uitgeest
1302 Uitgeest - Zaandam - Amsterdam Westhaven Yard
PB05 (1) Amsterdam Westhaven Yard - Ceres Paragon Container Terminal
PB05 (2) Ceres Paragon Container terminal - Amsterdam Westhaven Yard
1302 (2) Amsterdam Westhaven Yard - Amsterdam Centraal - Watergrafsmeer Yard - Diemen Zuid - Amsterdam Bijlmer - Woerden - Gouda - Rotterdam Centraal - Rotterdam Kijfoek Yard
PB05 Rotterdam Kijfoek Yard - Maasvlakte Reception sidings (3)
PB05 Maasvlatve Reception sidings - Rotterdam Kijfoek Yard
1302 Rotterdam Kijfoek Yard - Rotterdam Centraal (4)

Notes :
(1) Plus 1501 dead-in-tow.
(2) Plus 1501 dead-on-rear.
(3) Simon Cresswell comments: I have called this location Maasvlatke reception sidings. Mike Ball's Atlas shows the line splitting into three. we branched off onto the right hand line, but stopped in sidings around the point were the second branch went off to a huge coal loading facility which we could see on our right.
(4) Tour terminated due to late running - was due to run back via Delft to Deen Haag HS.

Source : Simon Cresswell

Timings (Booked Only)
(from Simon Cresswell)

Location Booked
Den Haag HS 10.04d
Leiden 10/21
Hillegom 10.37 ~ 10.39
Bloemendaal 10/47
Beverwijk 10/58
Uitgeest 11p08a ~ 11p24d
Zaandam 11/35
Amsterdam Westhaven 11p45a ~ 14p21d
Amsterdam Centraal 14.31 ~ 14.36
Watergraafsmeer 14p49a ~ 14p56d
Diemen Zuid 15/02
Abcoude 15/08
Woerden 15/34
Gouda 15/45
Rotterdam Centraal 16.06 ~ 16.11
Rotterdam Stadion 16/13
Kijfhoek 16p24a ~ 19p44d
Rotterdam Stadion 19/57
Rotterdam Centraal 20.03a ~ 20.26d
Delft 20/36
Deen Haag HS 20.43a

Photo Review

1501 with no juice at Amsterdam Westhaven Yard (photo: Simon Cresswell)

PB05 & 1501 Amsterdam Westhaven Yard (photo: Simon Cresswell)

PB05 during a photo stop en-route to Ceres Paragon Container Terminal
Simon Cresswell)

Still no juice for 1501 - seen here at Ceres Paragon Container Terminal
Simon Cresswell)

PB05 ready to depart from Ceres Paragon Container Terminal
Simon Cresswell)

1302 in Amsterdam Watergrafsmeer Yard alongside some familiar looking
shunters (photo:
Simon Cresswell)

PB05 in Maasvlakte Reception sidings (photo: Simon Cresswell)

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