23rd August 2003

The Northern Enterprise

Loco Used Former GNR(I) "V" class 4-4-0 no.85 "Merlin"

B160 : Dublin Connolly to Whitehead RPSI
B161 : Whitehead RPSI to Dublin Connolly

Loco Route
85 Dublin Connolly - Drogheda - Dundalk - Belfast Central - Whitehead RPSI
85 Whitehead RPSI (1) - Belfast Central  (2) - Lisburn (3) - Dundalk - Drogheda - Dublin Connolly

Notes :
(1) Loco hauled train tender first from Whitehead RPSI to Belfast Central.
(2) On arrival at Belfast Central from Whitehead RPSI, loco ran light to Great Victoria Street to turn on the triangle there.
(3) Train was looped at Lisburn to be overtaken by the 16.10 Belfast Central - Dublin Connolly service train.

Source : Niall Kelly

Timings (Booked Only)
(from Niall Kelly)

Location Booked (out) Booked (rtn)
Dublin Connolly 08.00d 19.25a
Drogheda 08.50a ~ 09.00d 18.32a ~ 18.34d
Dundalk 09.35a ~ 09.45d 17.40a ~ 18.00d
Lisburn 10.59a ~ 11.30d 15.55a ~ 16.25d
Belfast Central 11.47a ~ 12.00d 15.05a ~ 15.45d
Whitehead RPSI 12.43a 14.20d

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