10th May 2003

Pathfinder Tours
Lake District & Cumbria Excursion

Did this train run? Details taken from advertising leaflet.

Route :

Booked Loco(s) Booked Route
????? Llandrindod Wells - Craven Arms - Shrewsbury - Wrexham General - Chester - ??? - (via WCML) - Carlisle
????? Carlisle - (?reverse of outward route?) - Llandrindod Wells

(1) Off-train options were a Lake Windermere Cruise (leaving/re-joining the train at Oxenholme) or a coach-trip to Gretna Green (from Carlisle).

Source : Gary Thornton

Timings (Advertised Only)
(from Gary Thornton)

Location Advertised (out) Advertised (rtn)
Llandrindod Wells 07.45d 22.35a
Knighton 08.25d 22.00a
Bucknell 08.35d 21.50a
Craven Arms 08.50d 21.25a
Church Stretton 09.00d 21.15a
Shrewsbury 09.25d 20.50a
Gobowen 09.50d 20.25a
Wrexham General 10.05d 20.10a
Chester 10.30d 19.40a
Carlisle ??.??a ??.??d

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