20th October 2001

Hertfordshire Rail Tours
The Dorset Ooser

Locos Used 58047, 73110 & 73136

Route :
1Z82 : London Victoria to Bournemouth
1Z92 : Bournemouth to London Victoria

Loco Route
73110 + 73136 London Victoria - Brixton - Herne Hill - Tulse Hill - Streatham South Jn - Wimbledon - Woking - Basingstoke - Winchester - Eastleigh East Yard (reception road 1)
73110 + 73136 (1) Eastleigh East Yard - Southampton - Fawley
58047 (2) Fawley - Totton Yard
73110 + 73136 (1) Totton Yard - Bournemouth - Wareham - Furzebrook
58047 (2) Furzebrook - Wareham - Bournemouth
73110 + 73136 (1) Bournemouth - Hamworthy - Hamworthy Goods
58047 (2) Hamworthy Goods - Bournemouth - Southampton - Eastleigh East Yard
73110 + 73136 Eastleigh East Yard - (reverse of outward route) (3) - London Victoria

Notes :
(1) 58047 on rear.
(2) 73110 + 73136 on rear.
(3) Booked route was from
Streatham South Jn via Balham & Clapham Junction, but due to engineering works the train went the reverse of the outward route. This caused almost an hours delay as a pilotman was needed from Wimbledon as the driver wasn't passed for that route!

Source : Alan Costello
(on the train throughout)

Tour Review
(by Alan Costello)

Arrived at Victoria around 0830,just in time to see one of the Gatwick Express units disappearing into the distance with set 05 in next platform. No sign of any 73's (except on shed). Change from 4 weeks ago when 3 sets were loco hauled. Went to Platform 2 where 47793 Saint Augustine was at the stops having brought the coaches in for the tour. Went upto the end of the platform to see what was on the front-Dutch liveried 73110 and Mainline liveried 73136 Kent Youth Music. Went back and sat in my seat in coach H and waited for the whistle to blow.

At 0901 we left climbing up the bank soon passing Wandsworth Road, then onto Streatham after which we turned right at Streatham South Junction soon arriving at Wimbledon. We passed one of the Croydon trams in Platform 10 before crossing over to the main line. We then carried onto Woking our first pick up spot arriving there 3 minutes early. As usual the SW Trains Thunderbird loco 73109 was stabled in platform 5. Leaving one minute late we passed numerous Balfour Beatty track machines in the sidings before reaching Basingstoke where there were 5 of the 458 class units (including 8016, 8005, 8006 and 8013) in the sidings. Immediately after the station we passed Anglia unit 170206 waiting to return to Colchester at 1030.We then stopped at Worting Junction for a pathing stop. We were overtaken by unit 170303 on a Reading to Brighton service.

We then got the right away and left 5 minutes down. We then reached the outskirts of Eastleigh passing 58047 waiting on the Up slow before entering reception road 1 into Eastleigh East yard. Only locos seen were 3 shunters 08947/786/900. While we were waiting the 0616 from Manchester passed with HST 43097 "HMS Penzance" on one end and 43090 (with black numbers). When 58047 managed to cross all the lines to couple up on the back and we left 4 minutes late. After a minute stop at Eastleigh station we were passed by a freightliner with 57009 at its head. After missing out the 6 minute pathing stop at Northam Junction a slow run into Southampton made our arrival 2 minutes late. This was another pickup point although not on the original plans. After leaving, the cruise ship Oriana could be seen in the docks, before we reached the freightliner terminal. Loaded freightliner wagons obscured a line of stored Class 47's on the far line but a little further on we passed Class 57's 002/003/005/012 and 66/5 532/535 and shunter 08575.

At Totton we left the main line to start visit our first freight line of the day to Fawley. After 3 miles we reached Marchwood station. Although closed it still has its station building, signal box, semaphore signal gantries and level crossing gates and a loop. We took the left hand loop through the station then passed the junction leading to Marchwood Military Port. HRT are negotiating to travel on this line and hope to reach agreement within a year. We then carried on a further 5 miles to Fawley Ground Frame 'C'. We were not allowed into the refinery due to safety reasons.

We then returned back to Marchwood hauled by 58047 using the other loop line through the station and then into Totton yard. A quick reversal made us 8 minutes early and Bournemouth was reached 6 minutes early. The train was then emptied before going onto Poole sidings for servicing. This left us about 1 hour to spare. As the station is on the outskirts most people decided to stay and watch the trains. Hiding under the road bridge was Virgin Class 47 47806. First train out was a football special to Dorchester (where Bournemouth play their home matches at present) with units 1882 and 3434. A lot of room for the very small number of passengers. Local trains were mostly either class 421 or 423 units with class 442 on the fast trains. There seems to be a problem with the jumper cable covers on these units. Some had them on both ends, some none at all and others had them at one end and not the other or even one on one side and none on the other. At 1405 the Pines Express arrived in Platform 3 running 35 minutes late. No Voyager (where have they gone) but 47722 The Queen Mother with XC set 40. As it was due out at 1418 the loco ran round and left on time. At 1430 66217 passed through with the daily LPG tanks from Furzebrook to Avonmouth. 15 minutes later our train arrived back at platform 3 and 2 minutes late we left for our next branch line visit.

Stopping for 2 minutes to pick up a token at Wareham we carried onto Worgret Junction where stops were made to operate the ground frame to  change the points to get us on to the branch and again to reset the points. Furzebrook sidings were reached 4 minutes early. We were now about 250 yards from the end of the Swanage Railway. To let us know this the Swanage Railway had sent up their Merchant Navy Port Line as far as they could and spent the whole of our time there blowing its whistle. We left 6 minutes early but that didn't help us as we were held at Worgret Junction for nearly 25 minutes before accessing the main line and returning to Bournemouth. We then retraced our steps and at Hamworthy took the branch line to Hamworthy Goods finishing up across the Ferry Terminal level crossing for 6 minutes. We then went back again passing through Bournemouth for the third time - passing through platform 2 as yet another Virgin Class 47 (47844) was in Platform 3 waiting to return to Manchester. Southampton was reached on time(with 66520 and 66537 seen at the Freightliner terminal) but by the time we crossed all the lines to get to Reception Road 1 at Eastleigh East yard we were 6 minutes down. We then had to wait for the 58 to be detached and the 73's to run round. Whilst there another 66/5-66534 passed westbound with a freightliner.

After the loco round-round and awaiting to cross over to the up fast, departure from the yard was 32 minutes down. A fast run with a easy timings turned that into 1 minute up at Woking and arrival just short of Wimbledon was 12 minutes early. That was to good to be true. We were then allowed to cross to the up St Heeler line and came to a stop about 100 yards from platform 9 and there we stopped.

After about 15 minutes it was announced that due to the original return route (via Balham and Clapham Junction) was closed due to engineering work we were going to return the same route as we travelled on the way out. Unfortunately the driver didn't have the route knowledge and we were waiting for a pilotman to arrive (from Hither Green we were told later). He arrived about 2140 and we progressed into the platform at Wimbledon and stopped to let people off. There was a lot of muttering about why didn't they do that it the first place but as platform 10 is now used by the Croydon Trams it would have blocked the station for the Thameslink trains and they wouldn't let that happen. At Herne Hill we were given priority over a Thameslink train and arrival back at Victoria was at 2212 just 7 minutes short of 1 hour late. A quick dash to the Victoria Line and catching a Stansted Express at the platform Tottenham Hale got me back at Bishop's Stortford only 30 minutes later than if we had arrived on time.

Alan Costello

...and also one by David Clark :

This tour was to go down to Fawley, Hamworthy and Furzebrook.  But with then a DPS Tour to Great Yarmouth with a pair of DPS Deltics on the return, things were not easy for choosing.  But requiring all 3 branches with a pair of 73s the tour was booked.  And then to find a 58 on the tour too was an added bonus.  I didn’t do the two previous Pathfinder Attempts, so this was some people’s 2nd attempt for the year to Hamworthy Quay and Furzebrook.

So, after spending last Saturday in the lovely cultural delights of Edinburgh, with quite normal people, it was back to getting up at unearthly times and meeting the Railtour brigade (and a few novices too)………  I got up at 0340 departed the house at 0400, and after picking up a few friends we headed down the A1 encountering a violent storm (and I don’t think was as a result of the curry the night before).  Got to Cockfosters, Piccadilly line to Green Park for Victoria line to Victoria, and 47793 was sat there on the stock.  Breakfast time!!!!

Well we walked up the platform to find 73110 / 73136 sat on the front of the tour.  Take your memory back to February 24th Southern Suburban (Pathfinder tour) and they were the same pair of 73s then too.  The quoted 58 turned out to be 58047 after 020 jacked.  Well 047 was dud, so all three locos were dud for me.  However, some people in our party required the 58.  We found are seats, and some usual suspects were also seen, so the script was in place for an interesting day ahead!

The train pulled out of Victoria at 0901 and set out to Woking (to pick up passengers) via Voltaire Road Jct, Brixton, Herne Hill, Tulse Hill, Streatham and Wimbledon.  We were held at Wimbledon West Jct from 0948-0954 (we were to stop here for a bit longer a bit later, but as Ringo Starr said on Thomas the Tank Engine, that’s another story……..)  We set off on our merry way again, picked up at Woking, and guess what 73109 was sat in the bay.  Nice!!!!!!  Ah, memories of February 10th rolled back.

The tour departed Woking at 0954, and set off towards Basingstoke (5 late), Worting Jct (5 late), Winchester (6 late), Shawford (7 late), Allbrook Jct (8 late) and arrived at Eastleigh Yard 9 late at 1100. Here 58047 was waiting to attach.  This loco was on the Siberian Hamster from Derby to Coventry, and back to Swindon or wherever on December 16th of last year.

Again, we departed Eastleigh Yard at 1112, with two members of our party busy writing down wagon numbers (and tampers) (To make matters worse it transpires he likes Buses, Eddie Stobart, Planes, Ships and birds (feathered), but to cap it all off he’s a Sunderland fan!).

We stopped briefly at Eastleigh, and departed for the lovely delights of Southampton, passing the Airport, Northam Jct (which is the junction for Southampton Eastern Docks) (where had the yard gone at Northam Jct??).  We arrived at Southampton at 1133, departed at 1135, passing the large hulk of the Oriana cruise liner, and various Freightliner locos at Redbridge (57002, 57005, 57012, 66532 to name a few).  We came off the Main Line at Totton, and set off for Fawley.  We stopped at Marchwood station (1152-1155) and saw the entrance to the Military area, for which I understand from announcements yesterday that Hertfordshire may try to go in there some time over the next few years!).  Many locals were in presence to observe the train (members of the Royal Observer Corps then?), and arrived at Fawley (in quail 91.42) at 1214

The 58 then departed Fawley at 1225, and arrived back in to Totton Yard, for the EDS to run the train in to Bournemouth where we arrived 2 early (1341) and had the delights of Bournemouth for an hour.  It seemed quite a few people headed for the Fish and Chip Shop.  But would you believe they charged £1.10 for a portion of chips???  SCANDELLOUS!!!!!  The service was as slow as a gronk, and I understand one guy in the back fell on his back causing great amusement amongst one of our party (well he can’t talk, as she had his arm in plaster after falling down the stairs!).  Doh!!

We got the chips (finally) and went back to the station.  The stock rolled in a bit later and we boarded.  The train departed at 1451 and we headed for the delights of Furzebrook, passing the lovely Poole, Hamworthy, Wareham (wear what one might ask?), before setting down the branch.  Again on the branch there wasn’t too much to see, but at the end there was the Furzebrook refinery and the short connection on to the Swanage Railway.  We stopped at 129m, and I understand a kettle was at the other end on the Swanage Railway whistling and making people a cup of tea.  Oh we arrived at 1540, departed at 1548, back to Bournemouth to pick up some people before our attempt at Hamworthy Goods.  We were held at Worgret Jct (1600-1623) for access to the main line before passing Wareham (1628), Poole (1639) and arrived at Bournemouth (1654).

Here, people were picked up, and we set off again at 1658 passing Poole (again) before briefly pausing at Hamworthy (1714-1715) and the 73s set off down the Hamworthy branch.  The branch was pretty scenic as we skirted with the Solent and Poole Harbour.  We passed the Old Quay station before stopping between Ferry Terminal LC and New Road LC.

Well, it was now back to Victoria.  We set off from Hamworthy Quay at 1733, with the Dolphin Brass Band coach bus spotted, causing two members of our party trying to be dolphins.  Folks, the people in white coats, were waiting for them at Woking and Wimbledon, so they are now locked up and are no longer a threat to the public.  The train made its way through Dorset, the delights of Poole (again!), Bournemouth, passing the Freightliner depot at Redbridge (with 66520, 66532 and a few more FREDS) and stopped at Southampton to set down some passengers.  We departed there at 1832, passed Northam Jct, Southampton Airport, Platform 2 and in to the Down Departure Road at Eastleigh Yard (I think).  Railtrack had allowed 18 minutes, which for a loco change is OK, but for the locos to be run round too is not too clever.  Well during this break, some people thought it would be good to take the p**s out of me.

The 73s rolled to the front, and after some pathing we departed Eastleigh Yard at 1932 (27 late), we departed towards Basingstoke (20 late), but by the time we arrived at Woking we were 11 late.  The journey was going well (according to TOPS timings) we were 11 late departing Woking (2024), Weybridge (10 late), Surbiton (2 late), New Malden (1 late), and arrived at Wimbledon West Jct to cross on to Platform 9 (and in the words of our resident BLS member quite a rare crossover).  Well, while we sat outside Wimbledon Power Box, with a small fire burning near by.  It transpires that due to the train being diverted away from its booked route (Wimbledon – Balham – CJ – Vic), we were going to have to go from Wimbledon – Tulse Hill – Brixton – Vic) and the driver required a pilot to take him there.  The train finally arrived at Wimbledon (2142-2145) (61 late) and went round to Streatham, Tulse Hill, Brixton and finally arrived at Victoria 2212 (65 late) with 47793 following us in.

The next move was to get us to Cockfosters by tube, and that turned out to be quite fun too.  We got to Cockfosters no problem, having spotted numerous lovely young ladies wandering around London, taking the tube home, and arrived at Cockfosters to find someone required some help with the pushing of his car.  After two attempts we told him to give up, and made our way back to the car.  As we left the car park guess what, in the words of a lad in our party, “The t****r in the car” wanted more help, but we had urgent business elsewhere.

My dad decided to get some petrol, and as we approached the car pump, something else caught our eyes and left everyone in our car dumbstruck.  With that I’ll say that we got back to Scunthorpe at 2.30am.  Nice!!!!

Another excellent tour from Hertfordshire, and on top of that, well done to everyone involved in the running of the tour.  It was a pity about the journey on the return from Wimbledon, as up to that point timekeeping had been pretty excellent.

David Clark (2001)

Timings (Booked & Actual)
(by Alan Costello & John Clifford)

Location Booked Actual   Booked Actual
London Victoria 09.00d 09.01   21.19a 22.12
Voltaire Road Jn 09/06 09/06   DIV 22/06
Brixton 09/07 09/07   DIV 22/04
Herne Hill 09/09 09/09   DIV 22.00a ~ 22.01d
Tulse Hill 09/13 09/12   DIV 21/56
Streatham 09/18 09/16   DIV 21/52
Streatham South Jn 09/20 09/18   21/01 21/51
Wimbledon 09/28 09/26   20/55 21.43a ~ 21.44d
Raynes Park 09/32 09/33   - -
New Malden 09/34 09/34   20/49 20/39
Surbiton 09/36 09/36   20/45 20/37
Hampton Court Jn 09/41 09/37   20/41 20/35
Weybridge - -   20/32 20/30
Byfleet & New Haw - -   20/30 20/29
Woking 09.51a ~ 09.54d 09.48 ~ 09.55   20.23a ~ 20.25d 20.22 ~ 20.24
Pirbright Jn 10/00 10/01   20/10 20/14
Farnborough 10/04 10/04   20/00 20/12
Fleet 10/07 10/07   - -
Basingstoke 10/17 10/22   19/41 20/01
Worting Jn 10*21a ~ 10*27d 10.28 ~ 10.32   19/38 19/57
Winchester 10/41 10/47   19/32 19/45
Shawford Jn 10/44 10/50   19*11a ~ 19*17d 19/43
Eastleigh East Yard 10.51a ~ 11.08d 11.00 ~ 11.12   18.47a ~ 19.05d 18.53 ~ 19.37
Eastleigh 11*10a ~ 11*14d 11.16 ~ 11.17   18/44 18/47
St Denys - -   18/37 18/37
Southampton Central 11.31a ~ 11.34d 11.33 ~ 11.35   18.30a ~ 18.32d 18.30 ~ 18.32


Location Booked Actual
Redbridge 11/38 11/39
Totton Yard 11/41 11/43
Marchwood 11.54a ~ 11.55d 11.53 ~ 11.53
Fawley Ground Frame "C" 12.20a ~ 21.25d 12.14 ~ 12.25
Marchwood 12.50a ~ 12.51d 12.47 ~ 12.50
Totton Yard 13.04a ~ 13.17d 13.03 ~ 13.09
Brockenhurst 13/27 13/24
Bournemouth 13.47a ~ 14.50d 13.41 ~ 14.52
Branksome 14/55 14/57
Poole 15/00 15/02
Wareham 15t09a ~ 15t14d 15.13 ~ 15.15
Furzebrook Oil Sidings 15.44a ~ 15.54d 15.40 ~ 15.48
Wareham 16t24a ~ 16t27d 16/28
Poole 16/36 16/39
Branksome 16/56 17/03
Poole 17/01 17/08
Hamworthy 17t06a ~ 17t07d 17.14 ~ 17.15
Hamworthy Goods 17.15a ~ 17.22d 17.27 ~ 17.33
Hamworthy 17*30a ~ 17*35d 17/42
Poole 17/40 17/49
Branksome 17/45 17/55
Bournemouth 17/53 17/59
Brockenhurst 18/11 18/15
Redbridge 18/23 18/24

Timings continue in first table.

a : arrival time
d : departure time
t : token stop
/ : passing time
* : operational stop

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