14th August 2001

Past Time Rail
Cumbrian Mountain Express (Northbound)

Train cancelled for reason(s) unknown.

Booked Loco(s) steam: 60009 'Union of South Africa'

Route :

Booked Loco(s) Booked Route

London Euston - (via WCML, Trent Valley) - Preston

steam: 60009 Preston - Blackburn - Clitheroe - Hellifield - Settle Jn - (via S&C) - Petteril Bridge Jn - Carlisle
electric Carlisle - (via WCML, Trent Valley) - London Euston

Source : Gary Thornton.

Timings (Advertised Only)

Location Advertised (out) Advertised (rtn)
Euston 06.50d 22.30a
Watford Junction 07.05d 22.10a
Milton Keynes Central 07.35d 21.40a
Nuneaton 08.30d 20.45a
Lichfield Trent Valley 08.45d 20.30a
Crewe 09.45d 19.30a
Preston ??L??a ~ 11L00d 17.15a ~ ??.??d
Carlisle ??L??a ??.??d

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