30th June 2001

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Locos Used 50031 + 449

Route :

Locos Route
449 + 50031

Worcester Foregate Street - Great Malvern - Hereford - Abergavenny - Maindee North Jn - (2) - Maindee East Jn - Severn Tunnel Junction - Bristol Temple Meads - Newton Abbot - Plymouth - St Austell - Truro - St Erth - Penzance

50031 + 449

Penzance - (reverse of outward route) - Severn Tunnel Junction - Maindee East Jn - Newport

449 + 50031

Newport - Maindee North Jn - (reverse of outward route) -  Worcester Shrub Hill

Notes :
(1) Tour was 30 mins late leaving Worcester FG due to AWS fault on the 50's, arrival in Penzance was between 15 and 30 min late. Train 20 minutes late leaving Penzance, reason unknown. Train got later during the latter part of the journey (Newport onwards), due to the driver over-shooting the platform several times, and not having a clear view of guards van (info from Guard himself). Arrive back at Worcester was around 30 late.
(20 Advertised timings showed the train reversing at Newport?

449 leading at the photo-stop held at St Erth on the inward leg of the journey.
(Photo : Alan Perryman)

Source : Alan Perryman

Vaclads Award 2002 Winner : Best Railtour of 2001

Timings (Advertised Only)

Location Advertised (out) Advertised (rtn)
Worcester Shrub Hill 06.15d 23.30a
Malvern Link 06.25d 23.20a
Great Malvern 06.35d 23.10a
Colwall 06.45d 23.00a
Ledbury 06.55d 22.50a
Hereford 07.15d 22.30a
Abergavenny 07.40d 22.05a
Pontypool & New Inn 07.50d 21.55a
Newport 08.30d 21.15a
Bristol Temple Meads 09.00d 20.45a
Plymouth 11.15a 18.30d
Truro 12.35a 17.00d
St Erth 13.00a 16.30d
Penzance 13.15a 16.20d

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