26th August 2000

NENTA Train Tours
(York, Durham, Newcastle, Rail2000 & Beamish)

Loco Used 47789 'Lindisfarne'
Stock Used Anglia Railways set

Route :

Loco Route
47789 Felixstowe Town - Trimley - Derby Road - Westerfield - Ipswich
47789 Ipswich - Stowmarket - Bury St Edmunds - Ely - March - Peterborough - York - Darlington - Durham - Newcastle
47789 Newcastle - (?reverse of outward route?) - Ipswich
47789 Ipswich - (reverse of outward route) - Felixstowe Town

Notes :
(1) Route confirmation required - above is as originally advertised. Philip Wright comments: I photographed this at Swinderby. On that weekend the bridge taking the ECML over the River Trent at Newark was being replaced so the train was diverted Newark-Swinderby-Boultham Junc-Pyewipe Junc-Gainsborough Lea Road-Decoy North Junc-Doncaster. My notes have starting the train starting at Mistley so may be it started at Harwich.

Sources : Chris Harley & Philip Wright

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