30th July 2000

Cravens Heritage Trains
The Central Centenarian Railtour

Tube Used 3906+4927+3907

Route : Headcode 100 throughout

Tube Route
as listed

01.30d West Ruislip [P2] - North Acton

as listed

North Acton - Ealing Broadway

as listed

Ealing Broadway - White City (Op) - Wood Lane [P3] - Epping [P2]

as listed

Epping [P2] - Woodford

as listed

Woodford - Hainault [P2] - Newbury Park - Leytonstone - White City - West Ruislip 05.3?a

Notes :
(1) This train was run to celebrate the centenary of the opening of the first section of the Central London Railway.

Source : Bob Taylor

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