3rd June 2000

Mid-Cheshire Rail Users Association
Mid-Cheshire Fensman

Loco Used 47733
Stock Used  

Route :
1Z?? : Chester to Cambridge
1Z37 : Cambridge to Chester

Loco Route
47733 Chester Mouldsworth - Greenbank - Northwich Knutsford - Altrincham Skelton Jn - New Mills South Jn Chinley - Edale - Dore West Jn Dore Station Jn - Sheffield Nunnery Main Line Jn - Worksop - Whisker Hill Jn - Retford Newark North Gate - Grantham Peterborough Whittlesea -March - Ely (1)
47733 Ely March - Whittlesea - Peterborough Oakham Syston East Jn - Syston North Jn - Loughborough Trent - Spondon - Derby Ambergate Jn - Clay Cross South Jn - Chesterfield Dore South Jn Dore West Jn (reverse of outward route) - Chester

Notes :
(1) Tour was originally booked into its destination at Cambridge. However, it was realised that the train was too long for the platform there so passengers had to detrain at Ely to join a local service train to Cambridge. The tour continued as Empty Coaching Stock to the Cambridge area.
(2) The tour was delayed by approximately an hour on the return owing to 47733 sustaining a cracked windscreen while on the ECS working between Cambridge and Ely. The loco was turned via the Ely avoiding line before commencing the return journey.

Source : Andrew Young (on the train throughout)

Timings (Booked Only)
(from Andrew Young)

Location Booked (out) Booked (rtn)
Chester 07.18d 23.52a
Mouldsworth ??.??a ~ 07.33d 23.34a ~ ??.??d
Cuddington ??.??a ~ 07.47d 23.21a ~ ??.??d
Greenbank ??.??a ~ 07.55d 23.12a ~ ??.??d
Northwich ??.??a ~ 08.03d 23.04a ~ ??.??d
Plumley ??.??a ~ 08.12d 22.53a ~ ??.??d
Knutsford ??.??a ~ 08.20d 22.47a ~ ??.??d
Mobberley ??.??a ~ 08.28d 22.39a ~ ??.??d
Hale ??.??a ~ 08.37d 22.29a ~ ??.??d
Altrincham [P3] ??.??a ~ 08.45d 22.23a ~ ??.??d
Chinley ??.??a ~ 09.54d 21.52a ~ ??.??d
Sheffield ??c?? ~ 10c32 -
Worksop ??c?? ~ 11c07 -
Grantham 11/45 -
Chesterfield - 21/14
Derby - ??c?? ~ 20c41
Trent Jn - 20/25
Oakham - 19/48
Peterborough 12.14a ~ ??.??d ??.??a ~ 19.12d
Ely 13.00a ~ 13.05d 18.10a ~ 19.30d
Cambridge 13.20a 17.52d

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