25th March 2000, 19th August 2000
& 23rd September 2001

Pathfinder Tours
Power Porter

Tour postponed firstly to 23/09/2000, then 19/08/2000 then 06/01/2001.

Advertised Route : 25/03/2000

Train Advertised Locos Advertised Route
ECS (for add-on fare) EWS class 66 Crewe - Manchester Piccadilly
main tour Freightliner class 47/0 Manchester Piccadilly - Stockport - Crewe - Stafford - Birmingham New Street - Barnt Green - Droitwich Spa - Worcester Shrub Hill - Cheltenham Spa - Bristol Parkway - Newport
main tour (1) (2)
main tour Freightliner class 47/0 Newport - (reverse of outward route) - Manchester Piccadilly
ECS (for add-on fare) EWS class 66 Manchester Piccadilly - Crewe

Notes :
(1) Assisting motive power advertised as an EWS class 60 and two class 08/09 shunters assisting as top-n-tail engines in South Wales.
(2) Advertised route (from advertising flyer): 'Firstly we visit the Ford Motor Company owned branchline at Bridgend (Webmasters note: later revised to Tower Colliery), accessed off the Vale of Glamorgan line. We then head to the Newport area for three further lines: the stub of the old Dock Street branch, ABP Newport Docks and the Usk-side line to Fifoots Point. A traversal of the Worcester goods lines on the outward journey and the Bishton Flyover on the return leg were also advertised.
(3) Tour initially postponed to 23rd September 2001 (then brought back to 19th August) owing to;
(a) condition of track along the Worcester goods lines resulting in it being refused by Railtrack,
(b) additional coal trains running in and out of Tower colliery on 25th March leaving no paths for the tour,
& (c) the up relief lines between Newport & Severn Tunnel Junction, via the Bishton Flyover, were not available at the time the train would have been there.
(4) Reason(s) for second postponement not known.

Source : Gary Thornton (booked on it)

Timings (Advertised Only)

Location Booked (out) Booked (rtn)
Crewe 05.15d 23.50a
Manchester Piccadilly 06.05d 23.00a
Stockport 06.20d 22.45a
Crewe 07.00d 22.00a
Stafford 07.25d 21.35a
Birmingham New Street 08.15d 20.50a
Barnt Green 08.40d 20.25a
Droitwich Spa 08.55d 20.10a
Cheltenham Spa 09.40d 19.30a
Bristol Parkway 10.20d 18.45a
Newport 11.00d 17.50d

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